What if your child gets lost in the parks?


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Mar 3, 2000
okay this is the 1st year I am going without hubby since he has to work and so I am taking my 8yr old and a 3yr old who does not sit in her stroller and wants to walk on her own and run. She is very fast and I usually have to run to catch her while she thinks it is tag we are playing. Anyways, has anyones children ever wandered away in the magic kingdom and if so How is the disney security? I know that we are supposed to let cast member know and he relays the message but how in the world do they find lost kids in that huge place. I am so worried my child would walk out the turnstile(my worst nightmare). I am thinking about buying a leash but then i will think people will stare thinking how could I put a child on a leash and personally I would feel the same way. Any other suggestions :(
The first couple of times we took our DD we were scared of this also (still are) but she was 18 months old on the first trip and 26 months on the next trip.We did keep her in the stroller as much as possible but when she wanted to walk we but on one of the straps that just went around my wrist and her wrist.It was not as confining and she had more control. When we were in areas where it was not crowded I let her walk without it at all. She is now 3 1/2 and we just got back from Universal and at first she did not want a stroller but I rented one anyway and finally convinced her that she was not a baby. I do not care what other people thought about the wrist strap. As long as she was with me and not lost that was all that mattered.In situations like that do what your gut tells you.If anything did ever happen to a child and they were not wearing a "leash" then the public would be the first ones to question WHY.
Do what you feel is right and have a long trip with both of your children.

My kid first Disney trip was when the girls were 3&6 at DL. My youngest didn't want to ride in a stroller and also was not real good about staying with me. I lost her while in a store and immediately went to the CM to report it. My SIL was with me and she went to wait outside, a CM came to them with my DD in hand on their way up the main office. The girls were wearing bright matching outfits so he noticed my older DD in the same clothes. She was missing only a few minutes and went to watch the teacup ride. I know that she wasn't upset or looking for me, the CM noticed that she was alone and took action. They do watch for children alone and they all have access to the front office so a child missing is sent to many people quickly.

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My DS got "lost" in WS Morocco. I never notified a CM, I just panicked! I re-traced my steps and wondered where HE might go! I did, of course, find him but, he was very scared. (This was pre-Dis boards and now I know what to tell my now, 3yoDD before we go; where to go, who to talk to, etc!) DS, later in our lives, managed to lose me again at a mall - he went all the way to the "middle" where customer service was and told them he lost me! I looked in a couple stores before figuring out DS KNEW where to go! Believe me, it's scary, nonetheless.

If you search here at the boards, you'll also find info about what info you should place somewhere on your child. That should help you, too! I know I'm doing it!

Have a great trip! I've never heard of Disney kidnappings! BTW, CM's will NOT allow young children thru the turnstiles ALONE! :)


Yes, that is a horrible feeling! When we were there earlier this month we lost our 7 year old daughter in the crowd exiting "Fantasmic" - there were 12 of us in our group (7 adults & 5 kids) I assumed she was up ahead with my husband and he assumed she was back with me or her grandparents -well when we finally realized she wasn't with any of us I panicked, we started moving back up towards the seating area and we found her, holding hands with a CM (God bless her) what a relief - I was so glad that she knew to find someone that worked there and ask for help,(I guess she really does listen sometimes to us), anyways she was crying but she calmed down quickly and let me tell you the next 2 days at MK and AK that girl didn't let go of me for a second - she wasn't taking a chance on losing us again!


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