What I Loved and Did Not Love About BWI

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    We just returned from a wonderful 9 day trip to WDW, and we spent our last 4 nights at the BWI. We have been trying out different deluxe resorts, AKL and CP on our honeymoon, and now the BWI, splitting the stay with All Star Music to make it affordable. I had originally reserved a room at the WL but when the AP rated came out I scooped up a room at BWI because I had always wanted to stay in an Epcot Area resort!!

    What I Loved About the BWI :love:
    • 1. Location: 10 minute walk to MGM,8 minute walk to Epcot, aquick stroll to Cape May and Beaches and Cream :woohoo:
    • 2. The Room: We had a Quiet Pool/Garden view room. It was beautifully decorated, clean and airy. I loved the french doors to the sitting area. The whole area was very quiet and private.
    • 3. The Boardwalk Itself: Entertainment, surrey bikes, boats and sparkley lights at night.
    • 4.The Roller Coaster Pool: My ds 13 loved it!! It was very busy and full of people!
    What I Did not Love About the BWI :sad2:
    • 1.Refillable Mugs: I would have loved to have a drink center where you could refill your mugs. The places where you could refill closed at 11:00 or earlier at poolside.
    • 2. Food Court: At the other Deluxes we have stayed at there has been a food court area. There was not a place where you could get a variety of value priced food. I must say though the pizza was excellant and the ESPN club had good food also.

    Would I stay here again?? Yes!! :cheer2: Especially if a good rate came out. My dh and I would have liked to explore Jelly Rolls and the Dance Hall but no one under 21 is admitted!

    I would love to answer any questions you might have!! :wave:


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