What do you think of THIS...


Pixie Dust or Bust!!
Aug 25, 2000
What do you think of this???

..Orlando.com Family Getaway
Family Getaway Package beginning 2002-03-22 for 9 nights.
2 adults, 1 16yr. old

Embassy Suites Hotel, Lake Buena Vista Resort
3 Diamond--Standard Suite, Lake Buena Vista,
Heated Pool, Restaurant, Lounge, Fitness Room, Full Cooked-to-Order Breakfast.

Univeral Orlando Two Day/Two Park Admission Included [for 3 Adults]
SeaWorld Orlando General Admission Included
[for 3 Adults]
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex General Admission Included [for 3 Adults]

Optional Car Declined

Your total package price is: $ 1902

Family Getaway Package click here!!
When are you going?

For example I got a Universal Hotel (Hampton Inn Sandlake) for $39/night. (I could either go with Universals One week passes at $79/or 89.95 (can't remember the exact price), or a Orlando Flex Ticket (it doesnt include the Space Center, but it does include IOA, USF, Wet n Wild, Sea World and Busch Gardens )

Not entirely certain what the exact price of the KSC admission tickets.

You can go to www.ticketmania.com to price out the individual tickets to see if you are coming out ahead.

How are you planning to get to those places from your hotel? Will you have a car? What is the exact rate for the room?

It seems high to me, but you are going 9 nights. And depending when you go, the hotel price is sky high.

For example, we are going 14 days, (13 nights hotel), 4 Orlando Flex Tickets, and budgeting tolls, gas, meals for about $1700 and some change.
This is no bargain IMHO.... I don't know when you're going, but you might want to check out Skyauction.com if you are looking for villa's... They charge 195.00 + whatever your bid price is, so it's usually around 300.00 for the entire week, this is 7 nights, you could always add on two nights on cash through the hotel directly...

I found the following Orlando packages, these were just a few, you could always do a search for Orlando or Kissimmee... But take a look at these, some end today... Each package offers different dates, so pick one that matches with your dates... (These also don't require timeshare tours at all....) There's been quite a few people on the board this past week talking about using Skyauction

Orange Lake (bid + 195) (dates through 5/26)

Hilton Grand Vacation Club (awesome deal with plenty of dates)

Choice of resorts through 12/15/2002

I figure the tickets are worth 50.00 per person per day.. for a total of 450.00, but that's a non-discounted price....

Also, if you want to do the Embassy timeshare tour while you are there, you can go through www.hotelkingdom.com & get the first 4 nights at 20.00/nt, the next 3 nights at 55.00/nt & then two nights on regular cash... so that would be 245.00 plus the two nights (for a 1 bedroom)... That 245.00 + 450 for tickets would be 695.00 (plus add 2 nights)....

Point being, you can do better!


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