What do you take to the parks with you?


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Apr 29, 2001
What do you take to the parks with you for the day? Personally, I'm thinking of these:

Passporter guide book
Extra film
Small (8 oz.) water bottle
Small travel sized bottle of sunscreen
Lip balm
A few bandaids and maybe some precut pieces of moleskin
Small comb
Drivers license and one credit card
Money (of course!)
2 way radio and extra batteries
Thin disposable type poncho

I've actually talked DH and 11 year old DS into wearing fanny packs too, so they will be carrying their own cameras, water bottle, poncho, 2 way radio, etc. Am I forgetting anything important?

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Thanks!
That's pretty close to what we take, but instead of taking a guide book, I write down information on a tiny pad of paper and take that with us. For example, on the first page, I write the most important info, like the ressie number for our hotel. Then on the next pages, I list the intenerary for each day with meal times and ressie numbers for meals. Behind that, I list restaurants that sound like they could be possibilities with the price range and what they serve. It works for me because I read most of the guidebooks every year, so I have a pretty good handle on when it's best to ride each ride and that kind of stuff. I really appreciate the way it takes up so little room.

A few other possibilities, we like to take a bigger water bottle, but only one for the two of us. I also take a Ziplock baggie with presweetened Koolaid mix and a measuring spoon so that we can cover up the flavor of the water when we refill the bottle.
We're going to do the same thing as Kermit with the water. However, instead of the Kool-aid, we're going to use a Fizzie tablet!! If you are a child of the 60's you'll know what I'm talking about. Fizzies are back and very convenient and fun!!! My 9 year old just loves them. :p :p :p
Sunglasses on a string,spray on sunscreen[this worked so great I was truely suprised!!],a 24oz water bottle with a carrying string,and snacks!!:p
You might want to bring along a small packet of Tylenol or Excederin just in case the sun gives you a headache.
We also like to take a Squeeze Breeze with us on those very hot days. It becomes indispensible especially while waiting in line.
This is all I bring:
My camera
my license
my resort ID
extra film
a few dollars (most things get charged to the room)
a business card sized sheet with PS info

All of this fits into my camera case, which isn't much bigger than the camera itself.

Of course, this upcoming trip is the last one without kids. I am going to enjoy being as unencumbered as possible.
DH----he's the pack mule in our family :jester:

Seriously, unless I have something I really need to carry--I don't. However, with future trips with Dgrandson being planned, I will be the one with the stroller, diaper bag, etc. AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! His first trip will be when he is 2. Then hopefully every other year from then on.
One thing I always carry are baby wipes for those sticky hands and face. I also like to bring the anti-bacterial lotion.
Our to do list is a full sheet (8 1/2 *11) laminated. It makes it easy to see and it does not matter if it gets wet.
my camera
an extra role of film
my license and credit card
a small amount of cash (most of it goes on my CC)
clip on sunglasses (I wear glasses!)
my room key
a pen (not sure why, but I take one whereever I go??)
my list of what I'm supposed to look for for Mom! :p
I think that's it!!

Almost forgot, my Brita H2O bottle on a WDW strap.
I like to be prepared. It can get very heavy, but you never know when you may need these things.

spray sunscreen...don't forget, your scalp can burn too
roll of pennies for penny presses
park passes
SALINE SOLUTION.....even used it to flush strangers eye
blister blocks
cell phone
autograph book and pen
chap stick...call me Suzie Chapstick
Imitrex shot for me and Tylenol for others
spare set of disposable contacts

That's all I can think of right now. That's the essentials. When my son was younger we carried extra pair of undies and shorts too. Amazing the amount of stuff that can fit in our fanny pack.
I just saw that Lever 2000 has hand wipes similar to babywipes. I think I am going to consider this. They come in a (flimsy plastic) travel case, which will be a blessing for small places (mold better). Just a thought.


Alamashdar :bounce:

PO-R August 12-18,2001
This is a great list, everybody! Keep the list growing! :D
This may seem excessive to some. But with twin toddlers and a four year old, this is what we plan to carry into the parks in just 10 days from now.

Things to put in the Backpack
Camera and Film
Comb and Brush
Insect Repellant
Ink Pen
Autograph Book
Fat Pen
Various sizes of Plastic Ziplock Bags
Rain Ponchos
Spare Socks
Sun screen
Kleenex Tissues (travel size)
Compact Umbrella
Diaper Bag Accessories
Wet Wipes
Toddler Cups
First Aid Kit
Hand Towel

Things to put in small Fanny Pack
Lip Balm
WDW Park tickets
Ink Pen
Wallet (emptied of all but essential cards and cash)
Key Chain Flashlight

2 Water Bottles in thermal carrying straps. (One half filled and frozen overnight, and rest filled with water in the morning, the other filled and frozen overnight)

The backpack and the Water Bottles go into the bottom of the twin stroller until needed. Believe it or not, it all fits well.

I plan on bringing the least I can this year and that means:
digital camera and an extra smart card media
my sunglasses
my license and my room key with passes and charge priviledges on it in a ziploc bag along with some cash
some bandaids ( god forbidd if DD's fell and had no bandaids...LOL )
a small tube of sunblock
rain ponchos if overcast
my misty fan with the strap
my 2 way radio
some days I may bring my camcorder but I don't plan on taking it everyday.
DD's have their own fanny packs where they carry their stuff, sunglasses and hats if they want to.
Here's a list of what I take (and may I add that DH finds every item unnecessary except for the camera and film ALTHOUGTH....he sure has taken advantage of my backpack on many occasions!;)

Camera w/ extra film
ziplock w/ folding sissors, moleskin and 2 bandaids
IDs and money
poncho (depending on weather/temp/time of year
my prescription sunglasses
ziplock w/ 1 or 2 tablets of tylenol, asprin, pepcids, tums, ibuprofen
ziplock w/ Puffs tissues!
couple of extra ziplocks
water bottle
sunglasses for dh
gum, candy and/or snacks
3x5 card w/ important info
ziploc or travel pack of wet wipes (these are invaluble)
small nailclippers or penknife
at times I carry a tiny flashlight

I have a very cool little backpack (got for 4$ on clearance) that has a separate botton compartment w/ zipper. Into this goes all the tiny items. You'd be amazed at what I can cram in there.
You can adjust the straps; carry in over one shoulder or two; or by the handle at the top of the bag. I don't believe it's over 10 - 12'' long. Even dh will tote it for me to give me a break! (Just don't tell him it started life as a purse!!!)
Never taken sunscreen...we usually go back to the room for a break and "oil up" again there!

If you look around, you'd be amazed at what items come in teeny tiny sizes. If you take things out of there original packages and use the infamous Ziplocks these tote-alongs take up little space!
My room key charge card.
Goofy attitude.

other stuff but those are most important and not in that order.
Going to the parks we always take

extra film
squeeze breeze
spare battery
spare cassette
extra money
resort ID card with charge facilities (incase I run out of money)


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