What Characters would you like to see at the DIS CON Breakfast?


~*Snoopy Fan Forever*~
May 15, 2000
Would you like to see different characters at the Breakfast during Official Events or the same ones as DIS CON 1? Do you have a favorite character?? What about Villian characters? Would you rather have them? Share your thoughts and ideas about this...Tell us who you want to see at this event!! :)

TIGGER TIGGER TIGGER.....but I know that it will never happen because of Copyrights :(
I want PRINCE CHARMING and no Cinderella this time, I want him all for me!!! LOL
Now seriously, I don't care who it is, surprise me!!!! I'll be busy having fun with all my DISer friends

I truely do not care...I liked who we had this year. The best part was getting pictures with your friends...the characters were fun, but only second to those in the picture!
Must always have the the Main Mouse, which I was lucky enough to finally get my picture taken with with my friends. Donald would be pretty cool too.

I'm with Patrick on this one. Ya' gotta have Mickey. I loved having Mickey and Minnie there. I think having Donald and Daisy would be cool, too! And, while you're at it-Goofy would be a fine addition. :D
Not having been to DIS CON 1, I would guess let's get some characters that are harder to find in the parks or at character meals. How about Buzz and Woody? Costumes might to bulky to wander...just a thought. How about Snow White and the 7 dwarves all at once? Mulan and Shang?
We had Buzz and Woody at DIS Con 1, zulaya! They were funny!

I want the MK's Aladdin. But then, all of you would have to leave the room!! ;) :D :bounce: ;) :D :bounce: ;) :D :bounce: heehee
<font face="comic sans ms"> I thought we had a nice mix of characters. I just thought it was fun getting my pics taken with my friends. Of course, if Dumbo came I'd be ever so happy. I know that can't happen, but it would be cool. :D </font>
I would like to see Donald and Daisy. And Jasmine, she's sooooo hard to find in the parks.
I think that we should start our own version of Prince Breakfast! ;):rolleyes:
I suggest:
1) Prince Charming (for Kanga)
2) Alladin (for CDoobee)
3) Tarzan (for me! ;))
4) Beast (for those who like hairy guys with an atitude)
5) John Smith
6) The chinese guy from Mulan (I forget his name!)

:D :D :D :D :D
Please, Debbie, help yourself! :D ;) :D

Maybe we should call this the "eye candy breakfast"... What do you think, Jody????
Can't we call it the........oh, nevermind.......I forgot for a minute that this is a family site! heehee;) :D
How about some female Villians!!! (and no the DIS ladies do not count. ;) LOL!!):D


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