What are your best tips for visiting Universal

1 get there early
2 do spiderman first than head to dualing dragons
note you will have a huge wait if you go back to spiderman later in the day. Do it 100 times now!
3 got to jarasic park
4 check out the water rides
5 have lunch at green eggs and ham
6 do suess landing
7 THEN got to the hulk there should only be a 30 min wait (use single rider line
8 dr doom do last

-then check back your way clockwise and do what you missed -or what you want to do again

bring the hulk on!
Get there early and run, do not walk to Spider-Man.

Stay to the right if you do not want to ride in the front car. Lots of people get in the left line(front car only) and do not realize it and end up jumping to the other side. Front car is nice but the other line moves much faster.
If you really want to ride in the front, get in line just b4 the park closes. They will close the ride when the park closes but everyone in line for the front gets to stay.
Use single rider line if you do not mind breaking up your party.

Dueling Dragons:
When you reach Merlin and he tells you to choose your fate and you enter the ride queue go straight to load the cars 2-8.The arrow showing the wait time is for the FRONT CARS!

Jurassic Park River Adventure:
If you do not want to get wet, sit in the 3rd or 4th row of the raft and try to sit in the middle. Otherwise front row center!

Personally I do not like it. If this is your one and only visit; check it out.
Stay at HRH is #1. It will make the whole Universal experience go smoothly. Then you can relax and not worry about where to go 1st and where to run to, HRH has the ability to let you flash that key card and go where you want when you want. We even went to Jimmy Buffet's margaritaville, and asked for a table for 4, and were told it was an hour wait, then I pulled that card out of my pocket, and we had a table in 10 minutes. We were so spoiled with fotl that i cant imagine doing the parks without it. It was in one word, RELAXING.Not least of all, the HRH is the BEST hotel.

1. Use express pass.

2. Do not miss The Jurassic Park River Adventure. This is truly a fantastic ride - I'm surprised its not talked about more. We felt like we were in Jurassic Park!!

3. Dueling Dragons: Whatever the wait is for the front seat of Ice, IMHO it will be worth it (as long as you are able to keep your eyes open so you can see the near misses!!). DD was my 33 year-old brother's favorite ride in all of USE and WDW - but only the front row of Ice holds this status.

4. Another fun counter service restaurant is The Enchanted Oak Tavern. Food is just OK, but the atmosphere of being inside a tree is unbeatable for counter service (especially if you are into fantasy!)

5. Plan on spending the majority of your time at IOA - it is truly an amazing themepark. And, of course, Spiderman is out of this world!!! Nothing else even comes close....

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TigerBear, I'm glad someone agrees with me on the Jurassic Park: RA!! This ride is really underrated, especially on these boards. The beginning is a bit slow moving, but the second half of the ride (at least in my opinion) is unbelievable. Sure not every effect works all the time, but overall this ride is great. Don't miss it.


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