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Dec 3, 2004

Welcome, you have found the WISH Racing Team. I'd be more than happy to get you started with our WISH Team! You become a WISH Team member by posting on the monthly thread. That's it!

The main team thread is actually the monthly walker/runner thread (Wk of Month/Day – WISH Walking/Running Club). This monthly thread is where we share training and other information. Stop by there and introduce yourself. We are a friendly group with a variety of backgrounds and abilities. Feel free to ask any question and there will be a variety of people willing to help you out.

Motto: DLF>DNF>>DNS (Dead Last Finish is better than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start), WISH gave me the courage to start.

WISH Racing Team Roster: Brief bio’s of team members
History of the WISH Team: How we started

Training Threads

Music to Train By: Songs and playlists that team members use during training.
Walking/Running Info Websites: Various links that the WISH team has found useful.
Working on Weight Loss and getting Lean! (for 2010):
Becoming Lean, Mean Endurance Event Machines (for 2009):
WISHers looking to eat healthy and possibly drop a few pounds.
Stronger More Defined Core: What’s a core? Stop by to have it explained and find WISHers ready to help you.
The 2010 Triathlon Thread: Gain information from our resident Triathletes and share experiences.
New Walkers Sharing Ideas 2010: Yes, you can WALK a marathon/half marathon! These WISHers will show you how!
Nutrition: What do I eat during the training months and what about carb loading for the event?

WISH "Social" Teams
2010 WISH "Social" Team info thread
WISH "Social" Teams have been established for any WISH'er who is interested in interacting with a smaller group of people within the WISH environment. "Social" Teams have been helpful to some WISH'ers in providing additional resources, support, and camaraderie beyond the main board; and can be a good way for new WISH'ers to become an intergral part of the WISH family without feeling lost in the "big WISH" Events/Competition forum.

WISH "social" teams are not mandatory, are non-exclusive and are always welcoming to new members and to "visits" by any and all WISH'ers and you can feel free to start a social group if you'd prefer.

Events: Look below for information on races that the WISH team will have participants in.

WISH Event Calendar 2011 - Marathon Weekend 2011: Post your race schedule, find others doing the same race or locate members doing/have done a race you are interested in.Disney Half/Full Marathon FAQ

Jan 2011 Half Marathon, Full Marathon, Dopey or Goofy Challenge Thread
WISH Team volunteering and cheering for January 2011 - Kristi (Kristi1357) with help from Judy (Honeibee) have managed the volunteers in past years
– Official Website

Princess 5K/Half February 25 - 27, 2011 thread Part 2
-2011 Princess 5K/Half Weekend meet
Princess 5K/Half February 25 - 27, 2011 thread
–Official Website

Champion® 5K at ESPN The Weekend presented by Dick's Sporting Goods March 5, 2011
- Official Website

Expedition Everest Challenge May 7, 2011
– Official Website

Disneyland 5K/Half 9/2010 thread
– Official Website

Wine and Dine Half Marathon for 2010 thread September 30, 2011 - October 1, 2011
– Official Website

Race for the Taste DISCONTINUED
Tower of Terror 13K DISCONTINUED

Disney Official Website Events List

Chicago Distance Classic
– Official Website

Philly Distance Run (1/2 Marathon)
– Official Website

Philadelphia Marathon (Full and 1/2 Marathon)
– Official Website

Country Music Marathon
– Official Website

Kentucky Derby Marathon and Mini Marathon 4/2011
- Official Website

Rock and Roll Seattle
– Official Website

Wish Gear: Check here for latest information on orders. Links will be available during ordering opportunities. Shirt orders are generally done once a year around the July/August timeframe. Other items are done as demand arises and someone has time to coordinate.

Race Ready Order: Main contact Mel (chimera) Last order finalized 2010.
Alert Shirt Order: Main contact Carrie (wtpclc) Order not made, Alert Shirt not taking orders. Working on alternate manufacturer
2010 Headsweats Hat/Visor order : Main contact Tracy (Dsnyfan21).


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Sep 19, 2002
I've received many requests for the WISH shirt artwork. I would like to make the artwork available for anyone who WISHes to use it!

However, in order to keep the use in line with the WISH Team spirit, there are a couple of rules.

1) The artwork is copyright protected and as such contains all the protection provided under the US Copyright Law.
2) The artwork can be used for individual use only. This means, you can put the artwork on items for yourself and family and friends, but not on anything that can or will be merchandised in any fashion.
3) The artwork may not be altered in anyway.
4) Any printing that will be more than just your local group (i.e., a whole WISH Team item) must receive written permission from me in advance.
5) All printing from this point on must contain the copyright line.

If I should be absent for a while and you need to contact me, please send Lily, Carrie, Cam, or Mel after me!

The high-resolution artwork can be found at:

WISH Team Shirt Front:

Click on picture for larger view

(former link not active at this time)

WISH Team Shirt Back:

Click on picture for larger view

(former link not active at this time)

Thanks everyone and happy WISHing!