Welcome one and all!


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Aug 18, 1999
Welcome to our new home!

Feel free to come in and sit a spell, I'm sure you're going to love it here!
Welcome everyone!!!

Glad to see you all made it over here. The new boards have some very cool features that I think everyone is really going to love. Enjoy yourselves!
Where'd everybody go? I only see three posts, Pete's, BethC's, and a question about Atlanta. Where is everybody -- or is it just me? Did I take a wrong turn? Am I lost in Transportation? HELP!!!!!!

Just Kidding!!!! :p

I'm sure I'll find everybody else eventually. In the meantime, I REALLY LIKE IT HERE...... :bounce:
LOL Minnieme! No wrong turn. Saturday mornings are usually pretty slow anyway, and I think it may take a few hours for everyone to wander over here. Never fear, though. As soon as everyone sees all these cool new features, I'm sure they'll be posting like crazy! :bounce:
i'm sorry for bringing up such an old thread, but it's really weird that i was born the day this post was made. :banana:
Exactly, dis_guy :D. 4,025,933/11,030=364.998459
Which is what I said: one out of every 365 beings born that year - 2001 - has the same birthday. The 1/365 is true of any non-leap year, actually, but we're talking about April 26, 2001.

It's unacceptable to begin a sentence with a digit, which is why my original response was written the way it was.
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