WDW, our 3rd day



Up at 6:45, and down to the lobby to get that morning soda! We had a nice brisk walk to the MK, and the day promised to not be as cold as the previous... and on top of that, the sun was shining brightly!!!

We got to the MK around 8:20, and had no one in front of us in the security line...let me just take this opportunity to compliment the security staff. They really made what could have been an ackward and uncomfortable situation as comfortable as possible. In fact, they were even suggesting seeing if there were any PS left for breakfast, so we could get into the park sooner...there weren't, but we sure did appreciate the suggestion! We were 1st in line over toward the monorail side of the MK...the lines there don't seem to be as deep, and since we had no need to secure a stroller this trip, we didn't need to go in the other way.

2 little girls opened the park in the opening ceremonies, and did a terrific job! Once the gates were opened, we headed to Adventureland, because I was determined to ride Aladdin! We got to the Adventureland gate, and they were still waiting for the official opening music. Once the rope dropped, 3 cast members lead us in 3 different directions into Adventureland and Frontierland. They were very jovial, if not a little cold!

We were the 1st on the Aladdin ride, and there was frost on the seats!!! The ride really is cute, and I think it will be even better once the camel spits at you... but it was so cold, they didn't have that mechanism working that day.

Once off, we headed again to Big Thunder and rode it 3 more times, in the daylight. It is the 1st time I have ever experienced it in the daylight. I love the attention to detail!

Since I cannot go to MK without riding Peter Pan's Flight, at least once, we grabbed a FP there, and then rode Snow White's Scary Adventures. I still liked it better before it was so PC! We shopped at Tinkerbelle's Treasures, and picked up one of the Disney Friends dolls that you can get the hair and eye color that matches yours, for our daughter's birthday.
We then rode Peter Pan's Flight and headed toward Tomorrowland to check out the wait times for Space Mountain. It was a 45 min standby time, and an hour FP return...not bad, but since we had ridden it the night before, we decided that after shopping in the Emporium, we would go to Epcot.

To be continued....
I always have to ride Peter Pan's Flight too. It's a tradition for me :)

Thanks for sharing your day at MK with us, it was fun to read about.

that he would ask me to do Splash....yuk......well we did BTMRR and it was after he had a breakfast burrito at the Dolphin....well his tummy couldn't take it......I wanted to do it again......the ride that is......and he passed.....can you believe that........thanks so much for your report.......anxious for Epcot......


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