Watched Forums Gone?

Dean Marino

DIS Veteran
Jun 3, 2015
Not seeing legacy board "Watched Forums". By design? Coding issue?

Edit: Watched Forums is THERE, data intact. Just took a little work to get Chrome to follow the new selection "down arrow".

If I have a suggestion? "Missing" the down arrow with mouse (default), might be better running off to a "selection of detail" page?

Example: Hit the word "Watched". Default is "Watched Threads". If it is possible to head to a "Watched" sub-Page, enumerating choices "Watched Threads" and "Watched Forums" as individual selections as the DEFAULT? Folks that have poor "mouse aim" will probably do better :).
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DIS Veteran
Jun 20, 2007
I found my Watched Threads but don't see a way to "go to first unread post." Am I missing something?


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