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    Nov 18, 2008
    Ok, so I wanted to have some photos made of my youngest in his K5 graduation cap and gown. Wal Mart ( Picture ME) had a 7.99 special going on. I already knew ahead of time they would take bunch of different photos and try to up sell me, but when the first package she offered was $1400.00 I almost passed out. It's walmart for gosh sake :scared1: They then offerent to let me buy different ones at $19.99 a sheet, but as hard as it was I stuck to my guns and said no on all of the add ons and only got the one photo ( I LOVED then all, but not $$$$$$ worth). When I got home I had an email from them that said my photos are online to see and if I create an account I will get a 10x13 free. I did and only paid $3.99 SH for the photo. I them found another code to receive 2 free sheets. I chose 2 more photos ( 8x10) entered the code and again only paid $3.99 SH. You can only use the codes once per account, but it had a link to share my photos so I sent them to my husband who opened an account, used both the codes and we will now have one of each of the photos. It comes out to about 1.99 each sheet, not the 19.99.
    The code for the free 10x13 is FREE10
    The code fore the 2 free prints is 2FREE6
    I just wanted to share in case someone else is looking to get photos, but not spend 100's of $$$
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    Feb 2, 2010
    Yowzers, $1400? I hope an oil painting of your child was part of that package!

    My wedding pictures package wasn't even $1400 (family friend did them.)

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