Wake-up call - I need info.


Earning My Ears
Mar 2, 2001
I've saw at the Disney Trip Reports forum, that Mickey woke up the people in the morning. Can somebody tell me what does Mickey does and say when he wakes up the people?
The wake up call is done by using your resort phone and following the directions. Please be aware that Mickey does not always do the call. Many times it is just an ordinary wake up call where the phone just rings until you pick it up. We stayed at PO for 8 nights and only got the Mickey wake up for about 3 or 4 of the mornings. Of course I didn't get to hear exactly what Mickey said because there was a fight between kids as to who was going to answer the phone. They told me he said something about having a good day and to get going. Maybe someone else can give you the exact message.
You should request a time that is not "on the hour" because if the system gets too busy you may only get a standard message or music. You can put it on a conference call, just pick up the phone when it rings, press the conference call button on the phone, hang up the phone before Mickey starts talking, and then everyone in the room can hear Mickey.~ :)~


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