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    We've owned our DVC for 15 years. Have stayed many times in a variety of resorts and room sizes. Have never used the waitlist before. We are planning a 2 night stay (Friday and Saturday) before, and a 4 or 5 night stay (Sunday - Thursday or Friday) after, a cruise this July. There will be 4 of us - me, DH, 19 yo DD and 15 yo DS. We'd love a studio that sleeps 5 so each of the kids would have a bed. We'd like a studio in either BCV or BWV for the first stay because we are planning to spend the day in Epcot. We would really like to try BR for the longer stay because we have never stayed there. My thought is to book OKW or SSR and waitlist for the resorts we'd really like. How does this plan sound? What do you think are our chances of the waitlists coming through? Thanks!
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    Fine, so long as you can live with staying at OKW or SSR if your waitlists don't come through.
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    OKW has the twin sleeper chair in the living room of the one bedroom. SSR doesn't have that and you'd have to bring your own bed for your fourth person if no one wants to share the queen sleeper sofa. With the studios that sleep five, how small are your two kids? Those murphy beds are not twin sized (shorter and narrower). So if your kids are closer to 5'10" or so, they will hang off the mattress. Closer to 5'3", they should fit.

    OKW has two queen beds in the studio; SSR has one queen bed and a double sleeper sofa in the studio. In both cases, you'd need an air bed if your kids don't want to share a bed with anyone (I'd do a girls bed and a boys bed).

    I'd keep watching the RAT to see what opens up instead of just waiting for the waitlist to fill.
  4. bobbiwoz

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    Aug 26, 2003
    Well the studios you will book, SSR and OKW, do not have beds for each offspring. Is that OK?

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