Wait to book Hotel or do it now?


Earning My Ears
Apr 6, 2001
My husband and I are planning our first trip ever to DW for September. I have read a lot about the codes mentioned on this site to get great rates but my husband is convinced if we wait until the end of August or a few weeks before we go that he'll be able to get even better rates. We are definetly staying on-site at a moderate (maybe deluxe) resort.

What's your opinion as seasoned Disney visitors?

I would make your reservations now, and if you come across a code closer until you leave, cancel the one you have now and make new ressies! I called and was told they are booked up for Port Orleans, FQ the week we wanted to visit in September. Reading these boards convinced me that if I'd have had my heart set on that resort there still might have been hope in getting it by calling back often in hopes that someone might cancel, but who knows if I coulda locked into a rate using a code if they are that booked.
You have absolutely nothing to lose by booking now. Hotels have pretty generous cancellation policies if you find a better deal.


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