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Jan 29, 2002
Hi! I just recently found this website and I am finding all of the information very helpful. My family and I will be visiting March 5 - 14 which is about a week later than we went last year. What have the crowds been like compared to last year? I know this is spring break time. Also, I've seen the park hours on the Disney website. Are these hours set or will they possibly change? We are just trying to plan ahead. Thanks in advance for any information.
Hi, we were there last year at that time and I don't remember being over whelmed by crowds. magic Kingdom always seems to be the most crowded. Utilize fast pass and you should be fine.
I'm going roughly around the same time period and am wondering the same thing. How bad will the crowds be? We were at WDW the first week of Oct. 2001, and though a few days seemed lighter than normal for that time of year, it actually became pretty crowded over Columbus Day weekend.

On one hand, I think it's spring break and it will be crowded. OTOH, I think, spring break, locals/casual day trippers may stay away from the parks and crowds could be okay. I'm pretty much going to prepare myself for anything. If there's something I really want to do or someplace I want to dine at, then I'll focus on making it happen. Otherwise, I'm playing it by ear!

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

The first florida spring break time I could find is for Orange county.

It is March 18 - 22 and all the others follow at later dates, so as far as that goes
the crowds should be okay

Looks like you will miss the florida crowds.
I have researched surrounding states as well and most spring breaks are late march
into April

I bet it will real nice still!!!

We were at Disney March 1999 the same week (March 9-16 this year) and didn't have a problem with the crowds. It was "crowded" but we never waited more than 20" and Fantasyland was deserted at night. We can't wait to go back this year! By the way Texas and Ontario Canada have Spring breaks that week so that may affect crowds a little.
We have been during our spring break first week of March (This year March 3 to March 9) a few times and the crowds have been manageable.

The weather has been different every year. We are hoping for warm weather this year. I just needs to hold out another month.
we are going fo rour spring break too(8th-16th) and thanks for the info!

we were wondering about crowds
Palm Beach County kicks in March 15. You'll just miss it!:)

the crowds in MK are huge!!!! they are the worst i have ever seen!!!!!!! the fast passes run out by about 3pm.



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