Vern and Jana TR part 2

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  1. vernon

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    Sep 6, 1999
    Day 4) Friday 26th
    Still moody weather forcast ( late afternoon showers) so we decided SW was a better option as we could always squeeze in an afternoon later in the trip with annual passes, as BB would be litterally a washout if bad weather struck. We traded visits to the hospitality area with visits to the play area for Gus ( fortunately they are fairly close LOL) and this kept all members of the party reasonably happy LOL., made visits to the peguins who were most amusing. It seems something spooked one of them at one stage and as he took off in panic the rest of them also decided to swim about at full speed and their spped and manoeverability was really impressive, I like to imagine one of them had a sense of humour and went past the others at full speed shouting ". SHARK!!!! " , whatever it was it certainly livened the Antarctic swimteams training session up LOL. We spent a lot of time at the Key West area, we arrived just at the end of the feeding time so the dolphins were still hopeful of fish, and interested in interacting with the people. Jana got one dolphin who seemed to want to be very friendly, even though she had no fish. He spent a long time underwater just below her and seemed to be thinking about it, then came up and let her pet him for quite a long time. He then went off and while Jana was looking one way another dolphin came up and took her hand in its mouth, I think she got licked but not bitten. It did make her jump though LOL. We then spent 30 minutes or so in the underwater viewing area, the dolphins, now bored with people, were concentrating on "interacting" with each other and very frisky they were too !!! :eek: this lead to some rather tricky questions to parents from small children ( although suprisingly Gus was not one of those questioning) we watched the waterski show which was also pretty good ( although i can't work out howcome all the CMs that ski come from Minnesota and Illinois , maybe any reason to escape from the snow LOL). We took in a few more of the animal exibits and were toying with the idea of waiting for the "Shamu Rocks America" and fireworks but that was another 90 minutes and we decided to leave it for the day. We had planned to go out but ended up just having frozen Pizza at home ( I'm a cheap date :) )

    Day 5 Sat 27th
    With better weather promised I took Jana and Gus for their first visit to BB, Gus eyed Summit Plummit very suspiciously and declaired " I'm not going on that", I said just as well you're too small. We the had to wait 5 minutes while he insisited on measuring himself to see. "Why if you're not going on it" ???? very strange things, small boys LOL. . Anyway we found a good area to sit, near the kids climbing area and after much struggling slapped a reasonable amount of cream onto a small boy, before he was unleashed onto the ropebridgy climbing things. We sat down and enjoyed the 30 minutes peace, then went off before the rides got too busy. Walked up to the top of Mount gushmore ( which left my knee telling me it hadn't done anything for quite a while and wasn't too keen on any more exercise LOL). Gus again told us he wasn't going down the big slide even if we made him, I again told him he was too small and we weren't going to make him. another 5 minutes measuring went on :rolleyes: We then went on the family raft ride, Jana somehow picked up a random man who joined us ???? no idea who he was, didn''t introduce himself , didn't say a word!!! This was another " I don't want to go" from Gus, followed immediately at the bottom by him imploring us to take him on it again. ( this became a bit of a theme) , we told him there were some more rides. So we checked out the toboggon racers (sceptical eyes from Gus) got to the bottom " AGAIN?? " he asked, no we'll try the slalom mats, "Gus it's thesame as the one we've just done and you want to ride again but goes from side to side as you go down, OK?" Small boy answers " no I won't like it !! " , "well OK, but your mom and I are going, do you want to come?" . Sulky face " OK" . get to the bottom Gus says " can we do that again it was great !!" UGH !!! Anyway I think he was beginning to trust my jusgement of what he'd like and we did a bit of time in the wave pool, few more slides and a loop of the "lazy river" , although this was broken by a lunch break en route , $25 for burgers, fries and a drink. We'd taken quite a lot of drinks with us so at least I didn't need to extend my mortgage in paying Disney prices. More fights to get cream on him, a few more rides and a little relax time for Jana and I completed a relaxing day at BB. We took off homew to get showered and ready to go out for the evening. Had a couple of thought but ended up going to Jungle Jims , Gus had Macncheese Jana and I had a burger each, nachos to start, couple of beers each and it came to $48

    Day 6)
    All feeling a little ( quite) sunburnt we made off to our second day at Busch Gdns. Spent a lot of time alternating between the play area and the hosptality building :) ( jolly good planning at SW and BG to have the two close together . Tooki n the bird show ( amusing ) and the lorekeete landing aviary ( you can buy cups of necter and the bird will come and sit on your hand,head shoulder and feed. Went round on the train ( broke down so this took a little longer than hoped) , rhino rally was again without the water part of the ride so didn't bother, checked out the animals, went on the Congo river rapids, I got soaked, Jana got soaked, Gus ( sitting next to Jana) dry as a bone !!! this was a great source of anguish to him and he moaned mightily about this fact. So as we walked back I asked him if he wanted to get wet, he answered in the affirmative so when we got to the Tangyanika Tidal wave ride I told him to go and stand up on the bridge and watch the flume come down the hill, I did tell him he might get a few drops on him, but it was better than not getting wet, because he DID WANT TO GET WET ( tee hee) , anyway up he strolled and Jana and I watched from a safe distance and waited............, anyway a rather soggy small boy returned from the bridge saying " you didn't tell me I'd get THAT WET!!!" He immediately begged for another go on the bridge, but didn't want to do the ride ??? LOL, I think he'd have stayed wthere ALL DAY !!! . Somewhere in there we had lunch in the German Beer hall type place and again the counter service food was of a better quality than Disney and about the same price. $25 for the three of us. I would warn that BG now gets pretty busy with locals at weekends, a response I'm sure to the ticket deal they are offering. I would advise going in a weekday ( when queue times were 5-15 minutes) as opposed to a weekend ( waittimes 25-45 minutes). That evening we got a takeout Pizza from Pappa Johns along the 192 ( great pizza ) thank you honey for that :) . I had to do some water aerobics that night as I'd missed a couple of days of my exercises , but I must say it was really nice and quiet out in the pool and an ideal temperature for a late night swim and a couple of beers. It also felt very nice to get in the cool water as both our skins were still a little warn from the sun at BB the previous day.
  2. SpottyDog

    SpottyDog Guest

    Another good report,Vernon. We seem to enjoy the same things - so I'd be worried if I were you ( coz I'm used to it :p )

    I loved the penguins at SW and we spend an awful lot of time with the dolphins too. I laughed at that one takin Jana's hand. I'd have taught them Americans some new words there!

    Poor Gus. It's not easy bein a little lad. How old is he? (I forget) Can just see him sizin himself on the height chart.

    And you sendin him on the bridge. Poor lamb must have been horrified as that wall of water came at him :eek:

    Glad the knee seems to be bearin up.
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  4. vernon

    vernon DIS Veteran

    Sep 6, 1999
    Gus is 7 , but not a very large 7. I knew he'd love the tidal wave, the "excitement " of the wave hitting unexpectedly was going to be part of the fun for him. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind :D

    Oh about Busch grds, you can still enter using the "old route" but it just isn't marked. As it's been 5 years since I last went I'm not sure i'd have got the correct exit, but there's nothing to stop you going either way ( as long as you're not relying on street signs to guide you). IMHO a bit shabby of BG that as it costs very little to have 5 signs saying BG next exit turn left/right.
  5. Astrid

    Astrid <font color=9933CC>Shoot for the moon. Even if you

    Aug 19, 2000
    Gus sounds really similar in personality to Bryn (9)! Truly exasperating at times!! (but lovely too I hasten to add!) :)

    Glad you had another good day at Busch, I really must pay it another visit, haven't been there since 1989!

  6. Sue F UK

    Sue F UK Florida keeps me poor...but happy

    Mar 1, 2002
    Hi Vernon,

    Great reports so far.
    I just LOVE that bridge.....although being a bit of a wuss I go behind the perspex screen and laugh at tall the poor souls (like Gus!) who get caught unexpectedly. Do they still play the 1812 overture through loud speakers?? All that crashing of symbols really sets the mood for when the water comes crashing down.

    Off to read the next one now....
  7. jana

    jana Diva

    Aug 29, 1999
    Vernon, I thought the guy on the family raft ride was with you LOL.
    You also forgot about the serious beating you got after we got off the toboggon racers. Vernon told me to hold the mat a certain way to make it go slower. At the bottom he then tells me that it was really to make you go faster.

    Vernon had a big smile on his face when I was helping him with his water aerobics and I thought there was a snake in the pool. It was dark what can I say?!
  8. CarolynU

    CarolynU <font color=CC0000>Proud Mum twice over<br><font c

    Feb 28, 2002
    Lovely reports, and atmosphere building. Poor Gus, cruel to be kind indeed!!!!He'll get his own back when he's older. LOL Carolyn
  9. Fantasia Sam

    Fantasia Sam I've been here so much longer!

    Feb 5, 2000
    Hmmm water aerobics hey.....? ;) Thanks for the report guys.
  10. vernon

    vernon DIS Veteran

    Sep 6, 1999
    Nothing more interesting than having to spend 15-20 minutes kicking freestyle like in the water and some straight leg raises, to exercise my leg as I haven't been able to do anything for a couple of months. All under the physios instructions. Not much fun I'm afraid although Jana thinking the noodle floaty thing ( long thin float) getting pushed around the pool by the filter systems jets was a snake in the pool did liven up one evening. I'll agree with her, it was dark, we were at the other end of the pool and she didn't have her lenses in. It was a mistake ANYONE could make :rolleyes:
  11. AlisonB

    AlisonB <font color=990000>Bonzo's DW!!<br><font color=blu

    Feb 12, 2001
    Glad you clarified that one Vernon!!

    That is one awesome wall of water that hits the bridge on the Tanginiki Tidal Wave ride!

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