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  1. dannyrose

    dannyrose Earning My Ears

    Jun 13, 2000
    Hi Guys

    Not exactly Disney is it but we are off to Venice on Friday (wonder if its anything like EPCOT!!). Would love to hear from anyone who has been with their recomendations, tips etc and perhaps most importantly just how will we get from Marco Polo


  2. FiFi

    FiFi From Nottingham too!

    Jan 6, 2000

    DH and I plus 4 of our friends went to Venice earlier this year and had a brilliant time. We flrw into Marco Polo which is a nice new airport. You have a few options getting from the airport:

    Bus: Two buses leave from outside the airport terminal and go to Piazzale Roma: the Blue Bus (30 minutes - buy a ticket from the driver) or the slower and cheaper No 5 (50 minutes - buy a ticket from the newsagent in the terminal). Validate your ticket in the machine on the bus.

    Taxi: From outside the airport terminal to Piazzale Roma (30 minutes, €25).

    Water-bus: Hourly service from the airport to Piazza San Marco. Buy a ticket from the booth to the left of customs at the airport (60 minutes, €10).

    Water-taxi: From the airport to Piazza San Marco (40 minutes, around €70). You may be charged extra depending on luggage, time of travel and the number of people in the party.

    We took the water taxi which was well worth it as you get to see some great sights but only do if it if you don't get sea sick easily as is does get rather choppy when you are in the wake of other vessels :eek: :eek: :eek:

    The best view of Venice is from the bell tower (Campanile) in St Marks Square or should I say Piazza San Marco ;)

    The Basilica di San Marco very close to the campanile in Piazza San Marco is a beautiful C11th Byzantine church. The mosaics on the exterior are fabulous. As with most Church's make sure you are suitably dressed before going in - no bare shoulders or skimpy shorts!

    We didn't go to the Doges palace as we had a very busy few days but it might be worth a look. If you want to walk across the Bridge of Sighs to the prison, you will have to go there.

    We just had to do the corny Gondola ride - a lot of money but it was hilarious as we nearly knocked the Gondolier off balance and he was not a happy chappie!! We couldn't stop giggling for the next half hour :p :p

    The ice cream (gelato) is to die for and we only paid about €1 for a large cornet but prices may be higher in the summer.

    The Rialto bridge is a sightseeing must - some brilliant photo opportunities.

    There are some fabulous boutiques if you want to treat yourself and prices are not too bad IMHO.

    Food and drink can be expensive but we found some quite reasonably priced resturants/bars. Make sure you try a bottle or two of Prosecco, the local sparkling dry white wine which is nicer than cava IMHO.

    We did about three walking tours which took a couple of hours or so each (plus stopping off at the odd bar or two on the way!) which we found to be very interesting. They were in my friends Lonely Planet - Venice guidebook. I also borrowed a DK Venice guidebook which I highly recommend.

    I'd certainly go back to Venice as it was a very beautiful city.


  3. WDWfan uk

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    Aug 21, 1999
    I just love it! Haven't been there in years so I cannot offer advice as Fiona has but do take a boat ride out to the islands - one has a glass factory on it ....... I remember the names as Murano, Burano and Torcello.

    We went about on the Vaparettos ( sort of boat busses!!) Definitely go inside the Doges Palace and walk across the Bridge Of Sighs.

    The bell tower in St Marks Square is copied in EPCOT (see? A connection - LOL!!) and we went up it but I don't think it is always open?

    Have a fantastic time - one city I really want to go back to!
  4. dannyrose

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    Jun 13, 2000
    Thanks for the replies guys, u both seam to know the place well. For me, take me out of Disney and Im like a fish out of water (or in it in the case of

    Im sure the place will be heaving with tourists but hopefully we will get round to doing some of the things you suggest, we are there for seven days so fingers crossed.

    As for the trip from the airport, my DD isnt the best sailor do the bus may be best, thanks for the warning.

  5. floridalol

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    Aug 7, 2002
    Hi Mark

    Not much to add to the above but would suggest a taxi from the airport, it's worth the extra cost.

    Italy is my second favourite country after the USA - unfortunately don't get to go there often enough.

    Best wishes


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