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    Sorry if this has been asked before,
    My son received a DAS pass the last time we went to WDW 2 years ago. They took his picture and entered it into the system and it was linked to our magic bands. Anyone have any experience with getting a DAS on a return trip?
    Is it basically the same process even though they already have it in their system? Are they able to look up his information?

    Thank you in advance. Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. Hoodie

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    They'll scan his band and will have his info. They will probably take another picture. It was quicker the second time, but still a similar process of re-linking everyone's magic bands.
  3. danielocha30

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    I don’t know if they keep anything on the system, but they seemed to definitely ask less questions and the process is very quick, as the poster above stated they will ask for magic band and link everyone (up to 6) in the party. Still I wouldn’t advice to ask as is a fact they have it in the system. I always ask as it is the first time I’m getting DAS
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    I go a few times a year to Disney the DAS is good for 60 days from when you first got it. after this time you must go back to GR and get your DAS renewed. For me, it has always been in the system so the CM can see I have had one in the past but I am always ready to explain why I need a DAS ( only been asked once or twice). The will most likely take a picture of the DAS holder ( they seem to do this once every 6 or so months) and will need to scan all bands of the people with the DAS holder.
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    Yep, you have to renew every 60 days. It's easy because everything is already in the system. Sometimes they take a new picture, often they don't if the DAS holder is an adult and doesn't change much. As said before, have everyone's magic bands with you.

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