Use extra ticket for fastpass?


Earning My Ears
Dec 7, 1999
Can you use an extra ticket (ie 2 family members annual
passes that are not going this trip) on fastpass that were not used to enter the park?
I understand that only the passes "used" in the turnstyles when you enter the park can be used to get fastpasses.
There are lots of people that just throw their one day tickets away after they enter the park! I guess they don't know about Fast Pass! Anyway - keep your eyes peeled!
yep, WDW has thought of all the possible ways people could try to get around the FastPass system, and no, you now cannot use your extra tickets to get FastPasses.
you must use the tickets you used to enter the park that day.
expired tickets won't work, and neither will valid tickets you didn't use that day.

Disneyland has an interesting way of using FastPasses, i believe it's slightly different from WDW, and better because i remember being able to get a 2nd FastPass if your first FastPass is scheduled to be over 4 hours away from the current time. i don't think WDW does that though it'd be great if they adopted that as well.

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