Us Video


May 20, 2001
When we visited US in '96 we made a video in the back of one of the stores which had several mini-studios. Our video inserted us into lots of different scenes at US. We went into a "blue room" and followed a director's instructions, like "wave," run over here and pretend you are shooting," etc. The finished video showed us arrive at US in a limo, riding in a parade, riding on some of the rides, participating in the stunt show, etc. It has become our absolute favorite souvenir from any vacation. Does anyone know if you can still make this video? I can't find any reference to it in any of the books or promo materials I have and we would like to do this again when we visit during spring break.
That was discontinued a few years ago and now the vacation planning center is there
Too bad, that sounds like a great souvenire!


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