US/IOA first timer 2/19/2/20 , any advise?


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Oct 25, 2000
The family and I are visiting US/IOA the week after next. Any advise on things to watch out for and things not to miss? Is there a "fast-pass" type of access to rides like Disney? Any helpful hints would be appreciated. Thanks
You have probably heard this over and over, but don't miss Spiderman. It is awesome. If you like thrill rides, do Hulk and Dueling Dragons. They are great coasters. I don't know how busy it is going to be at this time of year, but at IoA head to Spiderman first thing then do the coasters. At USF, I would start with MIB and BTTF and move on from there. There is a fast pass type system on two rides at USF (not sure which two) and on JPRA and Posidens Fury at IoA. I didn't use it when I was there so I am not sure how it works. There is something called Universal Express that was in effect when i was there, but I heard they are going to change it so I don't know if it is the same as when we visited. Hopefully someone who has been recently can let you know if that is still available. Hope I shed some light on things for you. Have a great trip

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