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    Jun 20, 2000
    Hi everyone,

    I took my son down to FL last June (early) and purchased a 2 day Universal pass. At that time IOA was open at 7 AM (I'm pretty sure) for mutil day people and we breezed through both parks in one day. Guess we were lucky. Anyway, later this month, I'm taking the next oldest child down to Florida and will be using the second of our 2 day passes. I was wondering:

    1. Is it possible to "upgrade" a 2 day pass into a 3 day pass in case we want to spend 2 full days at the Universal parks.

    2. If possible, do you think I should do this BEFORE entering or going to the guest services desk while in one one of the parks (It seems to me that most parks offer a come back next day for X amount of dollars..but I could be wrong).

    Anyway..thanks for your help.

  2. WebmasterBarry

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    You can upgrade your pass for extra days or for an AP. I think you can do it before or after entering the park. If the Guest Services line is not long when you arrive, I'd do it before entering the park.


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