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Sep 19, 1999
It now appears that the main road between Tampa and Orlando will be closed until Tuesday February 27. The road should open at 9:00 am but will not remain open 24 hours a day for still some time. It will probably shut down just after dark until 9:00am each morning until the Department of Forestry can guarantee 100% that the fire is out. The other reason for the night time closure is the type of fire still smoldering. It is a "muck" fire. For those of you unfamiliar with muck, it is what lies on the bottom of swamp land. It is essentially layers upon layers of decomposing plantlife that has accumulated over many years. This Muck is usually always wet but Florida is experiencing a severe drought and the layers of muck have become dried out while remaining very compressed. The density of this material is causing this fire to smolder for days and the complete extinguishing of this fire is nearly impossible guarantee.
The Smoke from this fire is also being held low to earth by seasonal weather conditions which usually causes the morning fog. The combination of the two has lead to visability of three feet or less which is not acceptable driving conditions.
For more information on the fires, the local news has posted the toll free Fire info line (which I have yet to try)
Plan Ahead, look for additional posts for detour info and call the local AAA Auto Club for updated info.
This is helpful information.


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