UPDATED 12/07:If you are doing the WDW Marathon or Half in 2007, sign in here...

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  1. Honeibee

    Honeibee <font color=darkgreen>Lives in Fear of Sweeps<br><

    Feb 7, 2005
    If you are doing the Half, Marathon or Goofy in 2007, could you please post the particulars (You don't HAVE to tell us everything. Don't feel obligated.) such as where you are staying, what event you are doing, are you walking or running and what your experience level is. I'll keep everyone's info on this page for reference.

    I'm really really looking forward to meeting everyone there!

    1) Honeibee(Judy) POR Half Walking Beginner

    2) wtpclc (Carrie) & DH BCV Full Running 2nd Marathon

    3) AmyBeth68(Amy) BWV Full Running 1st Marathon

    4) MouseSkywalker(Dave) WLV Full R/W 1st Marathon

    5) DisneyGirl(Marissa) GF/CBR Goofy R/W Several Events

    6) msblrobs(Sara) & DH PC Full & Half Running Several Events

    7) Jen117(Jen) WL Half R/W Beginner

    8) Chimera(Mel) BCV Half Running 3rd Half

    9) Solotraveler(Kevin) YC Goofy Running 2nd Marathon

    10) xterratri(Lynne) OKW Goofy Running 6th Marathon

    11) Minnie(Suzy) TBD Half R/W Beginner

    12) Hockeychic(Kim) TBD Half Running TBD

    13) lilouisianagal(Claire) CBR Goofy R/W Several Events

    14) magslite(Maggie) TBD Half R/W 2nd Half

    15) MelRhoads(Melissa) TBD Full Running Several Events

    16) Maherae(Anne) & DH Poly Half Walking Several Events

    17) Goofyguy1958(Mike B.) OKW Goofy Running Several Events

    18)Diane L(Diane) OKW Half Walking 3rd Half

    19) TEK224(Terri) SSR Goofy R/W 2nd Marathon

    20) wfloyd(Bill) AS Sports Goofy Running Several Events

    21) Wish I lived in FL(Felicia) POFQ Full Walking 4th Event Ever

    22) jodistar(Jodi) POFQ Goofy Running Several Events

    23) ohmom Swan Half Walking 4th Half

    24) skfulkers(Steve) BWV Goofy Running Several Events

    25) ionis(Suzy) TBD Goofy Running Several Events

    26) DJBounce(Darcey) ASM Half R/W Several Events

    27) Monte(Monica) Pop Full Walking 2nd Marathon

    28) aladdinsgirl(Krista) TBD Full Running Several Events

    29) taz4disney(CJ) Pop Full R/W 1st Marathon

    30) RunningLilo(Dena) & DH TBD Half R/W 1st Half

    31) TXBelle(Heather) Dolphin Full W/R 1st Marathon

    32) ScoJo15(Scott) TBD Full Running Several Events

    33) sap1227(christy) TBD Half Running 2nd Half

    34) Disneybelle(Darcey) & DH Poly Goofy Running Several Events

    35) escape(Susie) TBD Half W/R 1st event

    36) disneygoof(Christiana) Pop Half Running 1st Half

    37) Buckalew 11(Brenda) TBD Half W/R 1st Event

    38) keenercam(Cam) BCV Full Walking 1st Full

    39) keenho(Howard) BCV Goofy Running Did 2006 Half

    40) akasleepingbeauty(Rhonda) SSR Full W/R Did 2006 Half

    41) NYcpa(Kathy) OKW TBD TBD TBD

    42) mom4graceandlogan Poly/WL Half R/W 1st Event

    43) Kimickey CSR Half Running 2nd Marathon

    44) Kareneast(Karen) Poly Half W/R Beginner

    45) mrsschlep(Jessi) BCV Half TBD 1st Event

    46) JJClemson(Jen) TBD Full Run 1st Event

    47) Goingthedistance(Paul) AS Sports Goofy TBD 2nd Goofy

    48) macrosswife(Kimber) AKL Half Walking 1st Half

    49) rKyDex(Chester) FW Full W/R 2nd Marathon

    50) frankenpooh(Frankie) CR Half Walking 1st Event

    51) disneyfanz04(Michelle) Pop Full W/R 2nd Marathon

    52) WDWFAN9(Pat) Pop Full Walking TBD

    53) Kristi1357(Kristi) OKW Half TBD TBD

    54) Valentine(Kathy) POR Half W/R TBD

    55) crzy4mk(michael) Off site Half TBD Beginner

    56) scuba diver(Jim) TBD Half R/W TBD

    57) Tiger Lily 03(Lily) Swan/BW Goofy R/W TBD

    58) PrincessNancy(Nancy) Off site Half TBD TBD

    59) marathonmickey(Jules) CR Half Running 1st event

    60) princessmomma(Colleen) POFQ Goofy Running TBD

    61) momoftwogirls TBD Half Walking 1st event

    62) RedSonya OKW Full Running TBD

    63) Crazydadusa(Adam) Off site Full Running TBD

    64) MinnieLiberty(Teresa) BWI Goofy Running TBD

    65) Kaycee(Kaycee) TBD Half Running 1st event

    66) thdrmatt SoG Full Running 1st marathon

    67) mrstropicana SoG Half Running 1st half

    68) Tiffj(Tiff) Off site Half TBD TBD

    69) bekagain(Bekah) TBD Full TBD 1st marathon

    70) tennisnut(Susan) BWV Half R/W TBD

    71) m kasch(Mary) TBD Half Running 1st marathon

    72) karamat(Tammy) POR Goofy Running Several events

    73) Lan(Elantrice) FW Half W/R TBD

    74) Dennyha(Denny) OKW Half Running 1st half

    75) ThePumpkinKing13(Daniel) TBD Goofy TBD TBD

    76) pigletliz(Liz) TBD Half TBD TBD

    77) KelNottat(Kelley) BWV Half Walking 2nd half

    78) Cruella de mom(Cecilia) TBD Full TBD TBD

    79) Disneymooners93 TBD Goofy TBD Several events

    80) msuspartan(Jen) TBD Full TBD 2nd marathon

    81) amyfinke(Amy) SSR Full Running Several events

    82) dkostel(Donna) CR Half Running 1st half

    83) ultramickeymouse(Robert) BW Goofy Walking Many, many events

    84) Houstonmouse(Tracey) TBD Half Running 1st half

    85) gatorphipps(Christa) TBD Full Running Lots of events

    86) sugaswim (Holly) BCV Full Running 2nd marathon

    87) HMHunters CR/POFQ Half Running TBD

    88) MrsTRX(Tracy) TBD Full W/R 2nd start

    89) getnthinr(Wendy) ASMu Goofy W/R 26th marathon :eek:

    90) nym(Chris) Swan Half R/W 1st Half

    91) abline(Michael) POR Full Running 2nd Marathon

    92) RunningthruDisney(Megan) WLV Half Running TBD

    93) MickeySP Pop Goofy W/R TBD

    94) Chicago262(Deanna) TBD Half Running TBD

    95) KatieLovesMickey(Katie) Pop Half Running 3rd Half

    96) Plutosmyfav(Sunny) POFQ Goofy Running Many events

    97) AlreadyexcitedGrammy TBD Half Walking TBD

    98) Outonarun(Teri) ASMu Goofy Running TBD

    99) nstauffer TBD Half TBD TBD

    100) SpaceRanger Poly Half W/R Beginner

    101) Angietuck2 CR Half Running TBD

    102) Socalsnail(Jim) Poly Full Running 1st marathon

    103) PeaceFrog(Maija) Off site Half Running 1st marathon

    104) BigVic(Vic) POR Half Running 1st Half

    105) sunshine girl(Laura) AKL Half Running 5th Half

    106) JJ721(Jim) BCV Half TBD 1st Half

    107) pollioni(Robb) POR Full Running 2nd Marathon

    Special Mention: JimB. Bike Mounted Paramedic for Full & Half

    12/07: Updated today! :thumbsup2 Ok, nobody panic...but we are LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!
  2. wtpclc

    wtpclc <font color=red>Has three great loves: Mickey, Po

    Mar 30, 2004
    wtpclc (Carrie) and dh (Scott). This will be our 2nd :D WDW Full marathon and second marathon ever. We'll be at Beach Club Villas from 1/5 to 1/12. Again, we hope to run the whole way (minus water and pic stops). We'd like to break 5 hours this year.
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  4. AmyBeth68

    AmyBeth68 Relentless Forward Motion

    Nov 13, 2003
    :wave: Amy here! This will be my first marathon, planning on doing the Full (have to send in that registration paperwork :blush: ). I will be doing several smaller races up to the WDW race in preparation, following both Galloway and Bingham's training plans respectively. I hope to run most of the marathon, walking at hydration stops, maybe doing approx 10:1 intervals. That's the plan anyway. Staying at BWV from Friday before the race and checking out on Wednesday post race.
  5. Mouse Skywalker

    Mouse Skywalker <font color=green>The Force is strong with this Po

    Aug 3, 2005
    Dave here as requested. :wave:

    My plan is to do the full marathon in January '07, but I have not registered yet. It will be my first marathon ever, and I plan on some sort of run/walk strategy. I ran a lot of races about 10 years ago, and I will be running smaller races leading up to the marathon in January. So far I am planning on running a 10K in May, a 10 miler in August, and a 1/2 marathon in September. I would list my experience as intermediate, but I'm a beginner at this "incarnation" of my running. Don't know where I'm staying or any of those details yet.
  6. DisneyGirl

    DisneyGirl DIS Veteran

    Jan 17, 2005
    Marissa here :banana:; Goofy in 2007-- Second Disneyworld Marathon weekend; also running the Minnie and the Disneyland 1/2 and some other small races along the way; hope to run most of it, but with Goofy will definitely have walking intervals in there!!! Currently booked at Grand Floridian, but if I do Team in Training, I will be at their hotel (CBR, I heard??); then switching to a DVC Villa after the weekend!
  7. msblrobs

    msblrobs Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust 26.2 or Bust

    Feb 27, 2004
    DH (Mike) and I will be running again in '07. Full for me and half for DH again. It will be my 3rd year for the WDW marathon (Goofy '06) and DH's second WDW 1/2. I will be running the Minnie 15K and the DL 1/2 before that time. I've been running for many years and only race at Disney events, as I really don't enjoy racing. I just enjoy Disney and getting away with DH (and DIS Meets!!). At the kids' request, we're planning on staying at POP. Thanks for starting this thread :)
  8. Jen117

    Jen117 DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2002
    Jen here. I am a beginner doing the 1/2. This will be my first major race. I am doing a 5K in May and possibly a 10K this fall. I will be run/walking and possibly an intermediate by the time the race rolls around!!

    I have not registered yet, but we are looking at where to stay. Possibly the Wilderness Lodge? I will be bringing my girls along, DD3 and DD6. I will post more updates as I get more info on me.

    Judy - Since we are both beginners, I will be keeping my eye out for you!!!!!
  9. Honeibee

    Honeibee <font color=darkgreen>Lives in Fear of Sweeps<br><

    Feb 7, 2005
    Jen, how sweet! :goodvibes Thank you! I'll look for you too. I was actually thinking maybe I could make nametags for everyone for when we all have dinner or something. :teeth:

  10. chimera

    chimera <font color=deeppink>WISH Racing Team Member<br><f

    Dec 17, 2004
    Hey, it's Mel (short for Melissa for those who have asked :) ).

    2007 will be my 2nd WDW half and my 3rd half overall. I'll also be at WDW in May for the Minnie 15K. I had never done any distance events of any sort until last year. I still don't feel like a runner yet, though my intervals are now more running than walking.

    Thinking about doing the full in 2008...that's the year I'll turn 40, so seems like a good way to start it off!

    I haven't made ressies yet, but hoping for BCV Jan 5 to 8.

    Judy, if you want to do nametags, that would be cool! Helen took care of it last year, but looks like she won't be with us next time :sad:
  11. solotraveler

    solotraveler DIS Veteran

    May 18, 2003

    Kevin here. I will be goin' Goofy in 2007. I did the 2006 full as well, so it'll be the second marathon for me (and technically, my first half). Mostly running it, I hope. Staying at the Polynesian.
  12. xterratri

    xterratri <font color=blue>Recommends the "livestock" workou

    Jan 7, 2005
    Lynne here. Going Goofy for 2007. 2nd WDW Marathon weekend, my 3rd marathon and 4th half marathon without the swim/bike warmups I prefer. If you include the swim/bike warmups, it'll be my 6th marathon and 10th half. We'll be staying at OKW from Jan 1 or 2nd to at least Jan 8th.
  13. Minnie

    Minnie DIS Veteran

    Mar 14, 2005
    Minnie (Suzy) here :wave:

    I missed out on my WDW 1/2 last year due to injury but I am going to be there this year somehow someway ;)

    I plan to run/walk the 1/2 and I am not sure yet where we will be staying. It has been years since I have done anything competitive (other than horse related) so I feel like am back to beginner status. I do plan to try a couple 5 or 10ks sometime before WDW.
  14. Hockeychic

    Hockeychic Going for Dopey 2018

    Feb 2, 2003
    Me me, I am coming. I look forward to meeting you all as well.

    I am doing the half. Not sure where I am staying yet, probably one of the values. DH might be coming as well, but not sure about that yet.

  15. lilouisianagal

    lilouisianagal Mouseketeer

    Aug 17, 2005
    Claire here! Going Goofy. First time over a 10K(by then I hopefully will have done: Oct 5K, Jan 5K, March 5K, April 10K, June 4mile?, July 5K, Sept 4mile hills, Oct 5K). Dont know which hotel yet, though probably Pop Century or All Star Movies. Probably 5th to the 8th. Run/Walk.
  16. magslite

    magslite Mouseketeer

    Jan 11, 2006
    Judy & Jen look for me too! I am another beginner planning to r/w the half. It will be my 2nd half with the first being this August. I just did my first 5k about a week ago.

    I plan on staying at one of the values, probably pop century.

    I may be alone - except for all of you ofcourse! My husband, dkidsx3 and I will be in disney at the end of this month and I am not sure if they will be able to join me in January. But I get to go because it will be my birthday weekend!

    Thanks for starting this thread. It is motiviating to see who else is committed to 2007.

  17. MelRhoads

    MelRhoads Goofy Girl

    Jun 15, 2005
    Melissa - 2007 Full. I think if I include Goofy (my 1st full) and another ultra i did in feb, it will be my 5th or 6th (depending on if i do the 50 miler) marathon distance. I've done 3 1/2's.

    I haven't registered yet either, b/c we are undecided on the whole 2nd baby thing. If we do decide to get pregnant (and God willing we can) I'll still try to do the full but it obviously depends on timing (Sorry - too much personal info!)
  18. Maherae

    Maherae <font color=red>9/11 We will NEVER forget!<br><fon

    Feb 1, 2005
    :yay: Hi, all! I'll be there with DH WALKING the half. Look for me at the end of the pack! We'll have done a 5K, a 10K, Minnie 15K, and the DL 1/2 by then. Going to firm up ressies after Minnie. So looking forward to seeing all of you! :woohoo: Anne (with DH Bob) :crazy:
  19. goofyguy1958

    goofyguy1958 My son the dinoboy!!

    Aug 8, 2003
    goofyguy1958 here, AKA Mike B., I will be going Goofy in 2007 and they already have my money (I registered on Saturday, April fools day :confused3 :rotfl2: - I just got that). This will be my 5th marathon and 15th half but never back-to-back. Staying at either OKW or home at SSR depending if I can get DW to breakdown and come along with DD and DS. Here I go getting myself in trouble again; my goal is to do the Goofy in under 6 hours! :crazy:
  20. aloysius1992

    aloysius1992 Earning My Ears

    Dec 1, 2005
  21. DianeL

    DianeL DIS Veteran

    May 1, 2002
    Susan and I are doing the Half again in 2007. We walked really really fast (for us anyways! LOL) in 2006 so we're hoping to walk/run it with more running in 2007.

    It will hopefully be our 3rd Half Marathon we finish.

    In 2005 we attempted the Half but chased down the bus because there was a rumor they had bananas :banana: We finally caught it at mile 8.5 :) Mmm banana good.

    We'll be back at either OKW or SSR and plan on arriving Thursday morning. We will be heading to the Expo for when they 1st open. Afterwards we plan on checking out the booths more, we didn't in '06 only shopped the weekend merchandise.

    I'd have to say for speed we're still beginners. There is a gazelle in there somewhere but to date the penguins have been making an appearance.
    And our plan is to cheer for the Full, leaning towards the inside of Epcot.

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