Update for DHS bus stops?


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May 14, 2008
I checked the three most recent pages and could not find anything up to date.

I just wanted to know if anyone knows when the new bus depot at DHS is supposed to open. Is there a definite date yet? Will be there first week of April and doing EMM for Toy Story and was hoping the new depot would be open by then.



Mar 8, 2009
I am also looking for opening of DHS bus depot, we are going the first of May and hope it is open by then, We were there first week of December and the walk from bus stop to front gate was long. My husband has COPD, he usually does very well but that was an extra long walk and no shade. Let me know if it is opened when you go in April. Thanks


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Jun 13, 2001
I don't have any info, but the 2nd loop looks like it's ready to open. When it does, it will still be a lot farther than the old bus stops, but not quite as far as the current ones, and it will have full shade once you reach it.

Photo by @bioreconstruct on Twitter.


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