Universal Studios or MGM?


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Feb 13, 2001
Traveling with 3 DD's 10,13,15 and can only pick one of the two parks. US or MGM. What is everyone's preference? Thanks in advance.
Although MGM is my favourite of the Disney Parks, there is more to do at Universal and its excellent. Your question was really hard and its taken me a long time to decide but I have to say Universal. Each time I go it seems to get better and better.
Considering the fact I have been to both parks, I would say that by a landslide that Universal Studios would be the top pick for preteens and teens hands down because it is action oriented.

There is so much to enjoy at Universal such as Kongfrontation, Earthquake, Jaws, Back to the Future, and Twister among others.

I think they will definitely love it as well as find it very exciting; remembering their visit from years to come.
Well, it depends what ure talking about MGM is better than Universal STUDIOS, cuz universal studios sux and has no thrill but Islands of Adventure on the other hand is a hell of a lot better than MGM. MORE COASTERS AND THRILL RIDES IT RULEZ!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

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MGM may be more fun with smaller children because we don't enjoy it at all (2 adults). There is a 3-D show there that we like...but I can't think of much more. Now, USF is probably my favorite park in Orlando. There are no thrill rides, such as roller coasters, at USF. So if your family is into that, you may want to consider IOA.
I have been to both and find that Universal has far more to offer than MGM. Both times that I visited MGM, I was ready to leave after about 2 hours because there just wasn't much there that interested me. MUCH more to see and do at Universal for all ages!
For that age group I would suggest Islands of Adventure.

MGM is also my favorite Disney park but it is a half day park as opposed to a full day park. Girls your kids age adore IOA, but Universal would be a close second.


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just back from Florida today !! Have children 9, 11, 17 . I would pick IOA anyday over MGM, but only if your kids are thrill seekers and LOVE all the big coasters. US was OK, rides probably better at MGM. Had a BLAST !
Thanks to everyone who replied! I think i've made up my mind. Universal Studios, here we come! IO is out because unfortunately my kids just aren't into the roller coaster thing.

Thanks again :)
IOA's not just coasters. Actually, that's only a small part of it. With the ages your kids are, I think you have to go to IOA. There is tons of stuff to do there. You'll be kicking yourself if you miss it.
Please don't be hard on me with my opinion of US. I do had a 2-park pass now and I do go there sometimes. To me, US overall is so weak compared to Islands of Adventure. Yeah, you do have to super addictive Men in Black and T2:3D, but the rest is so dated and boring! Nickeodeon Studios is not really exciting to me, Back to the Future, HB, and Earthquake has such a dated feeling. Plus the music is not executed well like IOA. Halloween Horror Nights was an utter dissapointment to me. Not enough to scare me.

On the lighter side, Mardi Gras is awesome. I wish that Universal spent some more money on US first, then building up IOA. When you compare the two, they are so lopsided in ratio of superior attractions its not funny.



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Don't dismiss IOA because of the coaster thing. NO ONE in our party is a big coaster fan, and there was still plenty to do at IOA. I think there is too much emphasis on coasters at IOA. I thought I would not like it but was pleasantly surprised at all there was to see and do, especially the water rides and Jurassic Park river ride. Also, Spiderman is the best ride ANYWHERE. I also liked Universal, but IMHO, MGM is in 3rd place behind Universal and IOA. I just don't find much to do there!
I agree, if your group is not into the big coasters, they are only a small percentage of what IOA offers.

My son STILL can't get on them and he counts IOA as his FAVORITE park and he 's been to all of them, Disney and otherwise. The park is amazing to just SEE, and as much as I like USF, it can be an acquired taste for some.

IOA, IMHO, is a sight to behold for anyone!


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I would like someone to point out where the thrill in Universal is at, cause I certainly missed it when I went. :rolleyes:

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We (mom, dad, & 14 and 11 year olds) liked both Universal Studios and IOA for different reasons. US offers a great interactive experience that is designed for entertainment instead of just thrills. We rode Men in Black several times--I was entertained by the elaborate sets the first time and then focused on shooting aliens the other times. I really enjoyed Terminator, BTTF, Kong, ET, and even Hanna Barbera for the quality of the production. Our favorite live show for both parks was Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue--funny and hip. IOA was great for thrills and less on theatrics--except for Spiderman, which was our ultimate favorite because it combined both. Hulk and Dueling Dragons and the water rides were exhilarating, JP was not extraordinary visually but exciting at the end. So it depends on your priorities, and we loved both parks.

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