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  1. Gingernut

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    Aug 29, 2008
    Its a few years since we've been here - before DS 5y/old soon. Will the likes of The Simpsons/Shrek/The Mummy/Jurrasic ride be too much for him at 5 and a half? Mind at just gone 4 last year he loved T/Terror at WDW and we went on a few times. I'm wondering if they will too fast and with scary things coming at him all the time will he end up just hating it and maybe not wanting to go on anything after - hopefully not.
    Any thoughts gratefully received.
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    Nov 25, 2001
    How tall is he?

    IMO as a mom of 3 (9,8,5) who has been taking my kids to US/IOA for years now...

    I have found that kids around 4 are not as scared as kids that are a bit older. So when my kids first hit 40 inches they would ride ToT and loved it, but when they were 6 we couldnt get them to go back on. Does that make any sense?

    How tall is he?

    Mummy for sure is too scary. Jurrasic park is hit or miss. I would maybe try jaws first, and if he freaks at that, you know to skip JP lol (and have him sit in the middle seat for Jaws, not right at the edge)

    Simpsons... no worries and the same with Shrek. My kids could switch between Shrek and Jimmy newtron all day long if we let them.

    I also suggest skipping Twister

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    Jun 29, 2008
    My son just turned 5 this past summer and was able to do all the big rides except, DD, Doom, and Hulk. He loved them all, even Mummy. We have been many times since then and its hit or miss on what he will ride, but still rides them all but not on the same trip. I will say lets go on JP and he will say no on one trip then the next trip yes, I don't get it.:confused3

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