Trying to transition from walking to jogging advice?

Pixie Dusted Snow

Jan 8, 2021
I've been an outdoor walker for several years.
I'd love to transition to jogging (not full on running).
I've attempted a few different times in the past but found my knees hurting.
I recently realized the main problem was I was trying to have wide strides like my normal fast pace walking.
So now I've learned that shorter strides so that your feet are always under you helps lessen pressure on your knees.

I'm trying to figure out which method of transition is going to get me jogging for the duration of the 2.75 miles...
Jog as long and far as I can and then walk it out and then jog as long and far as I can and then walk it out OR walk and then when I feel inspired to do so jog and then drop back to walking before I'm completely tired out and then continue to do that throughout.

Also how long of a time frame to fully transition is reasonable?
My plan is to start this week and I wonder if mid June a realistic goal?

Oh and while I'm mainly doing this because I've just always wanted to be someone that can jog a distance I'm also curious to know if I should expect jogging will target my inner thighs and stomach region for a leaner/tone/flat look?
I struggle to get rid of the flab in those areas... so it would be a bonus.


DIS Veteran
Apr 24, 2008
Most people say the trick is to run for small bursts in between walks. There are two really great programs out there - Couch to 5k and None to 5k that will help. (Both are apps and websites) One of the tricks is to jog/run as slowly as possible to ensure you're not overexerting yourself and are training in the right heart rate zone.

6 to 12 weeks is a reasonable time frame to be running the whole time, based on health etc.