Trip Report: D23 (& All The Other People) & Me - D23 Expo 2019 & Disneyland


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Nov 16, 2013
Friday, 8/23: Part Two: The Redemption

Back from a trip to Nashville, and back to the trip report!

The Legends panel definitely lifted my spirits. I was feeling a lot better after "Pingate," and decided to stick with my original plan of fueling up and exploring before the Disney+ panel.

I'd rather wait in the food truck lines (especially since the courtyard was inside security this year, yesss) than deal with Expo crowds and trying to find palatable food. One truck had a super-short line, and it ended up being my go-to all weekend. I wish I remembered the name of the truck - the food was absolutely incredible - but I can at least share a picture of the ridiculous pulled pork fries:

Is that not the perfect meal? Some veggies, lots o carbs for Expo-energy, 100% deliciousness. It's 8:40 AM in NYC, and I kind of want this right now?

It was a huge portion, and I ended up begging my new Expo friends to take some off my hands (though I typically pride myself on being a garbage disposal). I really tried to take care of myself better than previous years, and eating real food at normal-ish meal times was a huge start. Being able to chill in the Sorcerers lounge certainly didn't hurt.

After lunch, I went back to the show floor, hell bent on finding some cool pins in the Emporium. It can get a little crazy navigating around people in the tiny booths, but I love finding cool and fun pins for cheap. I looked at some of the more expensive pins in the books/glass booths, and some WDI profile pins were going for $500. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I got a framed set of FIVE profile pins LE 5 for way less! Geez.

Eventually, it was time to line up for Disney+. Everyone was really excited for this panel, so there was a little sorcerer line waiting before the doors officially opened. I ended up second row, center, which was great.

^ HSM: TM: TS may be more of a midnight bored binge for me, but this cast was super talented.

Pretty sure some of the loudest screams were for our girl Lizzie.

This was cute. Also, can Yvette Nicole Brown host every panel at Expo? No offense, Chapek, but she was awesome.

Really looking forward to this.

Kevin got screams equal to Hilary's.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong - Chris Evans was't listed as someone lending their voice to What if...? But Steve Rogers was prominently featured in the clip?? I'm still excited for it, but no one - no one - replaces Chris Evans as Steve.

Also, these pictures have convinced me that my iPhone 7 (which I've been super satisfied with and loathe to upgrade) may not be cutting it anymore.

I'm not gonna lie - this concept slightly confuses me (half 50's sitcom-half superhero drama), but sounds so unique and amazing.

I hope this runs for infinity seasons, because Jeff Goldblum is the best.

When the casting notice for this came out, all my friends sent it to me. However, the application required a video recording of the performance, and I was too lazy to convert and improve my bootleg DVD. Plus it looks like Sound of Music is already on the roster 😄 Anyways, can't wait for this!

This looks cute! Possible new holiday fave? Sidenote - would love if they made a seasonal category in the app so Halloween/Christmas/whatever stuff is easy to find that time of year.

The Queen.

This looks visually stunning. And Jon Favreau is a genius (and Legend)!

Probably my biggest scream. One of the things about Expo is stuff always gets leaked beforehand, or heavily rumored, but it's amazing to see things confirmed in person, and feel the energy in the room. So happy Ewan McGregor is onboard for more of this legendary character.

At this point, I was pretty wiped. The panel went over - ended before 6 maybe? I can't remember exactly. But I needed food and sleep, especially since I planned on waking up extra-early again for the Studios panel. The trucks were swamped or packing up, and I didn't feel like walking over to Downtown Disney. I also didn't feel like having Sbarro pizza again because there's only so much pizza abuse a Jersey girl can take.

At that point, I went back to the room and checked out the room service menu (sacrificing cost for my severe lack of energy). I ended up getting a caesar salad for some much-needed greens and a kids' order of mac & cheese. It was ok, but the very best thing I got was the ridiculous garlicky pull-apart bread. It was a delicious surprise, and my favorite part of the meal.


Greeny (and cheesy).

I've had better, but the kids size was a good choice.


Day one in the books. Day two, I'm comin' for you.


DIS Veteran
Sep 7, 2007
Wow. That Monday morning was intense. I was at the doors like you, except I was way down by Area C. I was the only person who booked it to the talent area, then the only person at Marvel.

I don't blame you for just abandoning the pin line. I think being that close to the new Legends was way worth it.

Weren't the food trucks just the best?! So much nicer this year.

Ah I'm jealous of your Disney+ seat. That panel was near the top of my best panel list. I got excited for a lot of those shows. Even the High School Musical one, I liked the concept they were going with.


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