TRip Report 9/25 - 9/29

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    Jul 28, 2002
    Second time back this year with my 3 year old..We stayed at AKL in April and did POR this time. I really enjoyed POR. Great rate, we were never in the room so I didn't care about much in there! But it was nice! VERY HOT out though... Up really early WEd. for our flight to ORlando. Hit the parks at 1:00 and did MK all day and ended with Chef Mickey's at 6:00. I never care for their food there but you can't beat the atmosphere. Next day, breakfast at Cindy's. Disppointed. April's breakfast much better....The sleeping beauty was as tan as a carrot! She looked very odd! Only had Belle and Cindy there too. Pochantas in the lobby greeting people, that was nice... Food very good. Raising the price this week to 22.00 a person! they can have it for that..We noticed how EASY It was to find princesses for photo opps in the park - saw Belle at Town Square, Jasmine at Alladin's carpet and Snow White at Sky Way. Cindy at Toon Town of course...That afternoon did Tonys for lunch. WONDERFUL!!!! Food was outstanding! Not a buffet, delicious! Character interaction terrific and a pefect view for the 3:00 parade. We loved it so much we did it again on Friday... Friday - Breakfast at AK - character breakfast - ok, seemed a little rushed and conjested.....lunch at Tony's!!! We even ran to MGM to hit a few things - loved the Beauty and Beast show. MUST SEE! Playhouse Disney was ok..She is 3.5 so maybe a little beyond that....Saturday was supposed to be our day of rest but we couldn't stop!!! Cape May for breakfast with Minnie - very nice spacious atmosphere..Good food! Good photos with minnie..enjoyed it!! Hit the parks around 2 and didn't leave until after the FIreworks Show at 9:00. although we stayed on property we drove everywhere, I really liked doing this...bus lines long after park closes, etc. Sunday we did a little catch up at the outlets and just hung out and relaxed. Home! Great time...Disney twice in five months with a 3 year old she did GREAT!! Even on the plane ride!!! :)
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    Sounds like a great trip - and what fun for your DD - thanks for posting!

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