Traveling the week of 9/11?

DVC Grandpa

DVC Member
Jun 6, 2002
Today the airlines announced that flight schedules are being trimmed back for the week of 9/9/02 because of the lack of folks flying that week. With all the alerts being broadcast, does anyone fear going to Disney over 9/11?:confused:


DIS Veteran
Feb 12, 2001
I believe in the new world which we are living in that we are vulnerable for 'attack' any day -- not just on any particular date. I only WISH that I could be scheduling a vacation to WDW in September.;)

Pixie Power!

DIS Veteran
Aug 4, 2001
Im flying to las Vegas on the 13th September, our choice of days were limited as we want to be there for our 1st wedding anniversary (17th). I posted something simular to this when i was booking my trip as I felt awful about planning to have funa round this time. but everyone here told me not to change my plans because of what happened last year or they have won.



DIS Veteran
Aug 13, 2001
My philosophy is basically that of wovenwonder. I refuse to live my life in fear, as we are vulnerable 24/7. I would only consider changing my plans or avoiding a date if specific evidence came up that something might happen on that date - which the government would most likely not provide us anyway.


<font color=red>Steve Irwin, taking care of Heaven
Nov 1, 2001
That is so true Emma. Go to Vegas and Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!


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