travel size Tide @ Target


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Sep 30, 2004
I can't remember what forum I read it on, but people were asking about travel-size laundry detergent? Anyway, I picked up a 4-load jug of Tide at Target the other day for .99. It's liquid, but if you check it in your luggage, you should be ok.

Just had to share!

Just make sure the lid is on tight and put it inside a ziplock, inside another ziplock, just in case!
I brought the travel size bottle of Tide (4 loads) last year. When I got to the laundry room at POR, the detergent they sell in the machine was the same price. I realized it probably wasn't worth packing it and bringing with us.
I was glad I brought ours with us in January. It came in really handy!
Today in Wal-Mart I noticed that they also have 3-packs of little Tide packets for small sink loads. I thought it was a great idea.. especially when you only have a few little things to wash, it would be handy!


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