Trading Spaces IS cool!


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Jul 13, 2000
Another TS fan here! In Doug's defense, he did a blue bedroom that was pretty - which is not his usual. The very first episode I saw was the one with a brown painted entertainment center. It looked so "tacky" - but that's the problem with their budget. I agree, most of the "couches" they build are very flimsy-looking or a little too rustic for me. I like when they recover furniture. (anyone remember the painted furniture that "accidently" got left out in the rain overnight?!)


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Nov 6, 2000
I love Gen.. she's my favorite designer. She's just a lot of fun. :) I also love Vern, I'd pick him to do my room but I'd work with Genevieve.

And of course there's my man TY!!! ::drool:: LOL ;)


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Jan 1, 2000
I love it too! Ty is my favorite...he's such a HOTTIE! I wish I could marry him because not only is he HOT but he's a GREAT handyman :)

But as for designers my favorites are Vern, Frank, and Laurie. I would want Vern for my bedroom, Frank for my kitchen and Laurie for my living room.

And the fireplace episode is SO funny. I laugh every time I see it because Doug is SUCH a cry baby. He wasn't getting his way and he ran off to Ty to cry about. He just sat there and wined for like ten minutes before coming up with his alternitive idea. It's still a funny episode though, I'm sure the lady didn't think it was that funny.


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Nov 11, 2000
I love watching TS! As a matter of fact, my whole family likes watching this show and we are constantly calling each other during the show and making comments about what's going on.

Personally, I cannot stand Doug! I think he's a cocky arrogant snob that whines and cries when he doesn't get what he wants. I'd love to take a pair of scissors and snip that wacky piece of hair that always flops down onto his forehead.

I'd shut all my shades and lock all my doors if I ever saw him or Hilde heading towards my home! :teeth:
And regarding the fireplace arrogant was it of Doug to put Pam's little "No Paint" sign on the fireplace facade? How rude.


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Jan 30, 2001

"Trading Spaces" = ripoff of "Changing Rooms"

Anyone get BBC America?


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Jun 18, 2000
Trading Spaces was an US knock off of the British Series. I have heard that in the British one the designers are little lighter in their attitude


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Nov 22, 2000
I like Frank, Vern and Gen, but some of the others are WAY out there! I cringe everytime they paint an antique piece!


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Nov 2, 2001
We love Trading Spaces too! It's one of our favorites! I like Frank, would love to work with him and I like some of his designs too. Like Vern and Laurie, some of Gen's, but Hildi and Doug scare me. Would NOT want them in my house! I hated Hildi's hay on the wall and Doug's movie theater. I would have cried if he did that in my family room.

Did anyone see the Makeover story where Ty and Amy got makeovers for some award ceremony? That was fun to watch!


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Oct 26, 2001
I started watching it this weekend when DH wanted to watch the "marathon" (I was surprised how short the marathon was!). The very first episode I saw was where the lady started crying over the room. I can't blame her. This was the first time I saw the show and I just thought Doug was obnoxious and rude (though not bad on the eyes). On the other hand, Frank seemed to really put thought into what the wants/needs of the homeowner was. And I loved how the had the decorators make artwork that was representative of them. It really added a warm personal touch.

While I realize that when you agree to all of this you're rolling the dice, but wouldn't you think you'd want to TRY and make the room livable and likeable for the homeowner?

I have to confess that I sort of did like one room that Doug did...the blue bedroom was kind of pretty. But again, he doesn't take into consideration the homeowner's needs. He's always taking down the ceiling fans! Guess he's never lived in a house that got hot! (those fans are lifesavers!).

Also ADORED Frank's kiddie room/family room that had once been a garage. How he put the little footprints on the stairs was priceless! And perfect for that Type of room (obviously not something you'd put in your living room, but). I think that's why I like Frank, he seems to think things through.


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Dec 27, 2001
I LOVE that show! Frank and Vern are the best! I want frank to do my room! i just have to find someone else to do it with!


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Feb 4, 2000
my mom and I have loved this show for the longest!!

my mom and bro watched it when it used to come on once a week(it was like Jan/Feb 2001) and then it came on once a week and I started watching it!

Frank is my fav!!!
Hildi is my least fav!

Gen can go either way
Vern is my 2nd fav

yup I've watch Changing Rooms...I like it too except it needs to be an hour like's too short


Well, we all shine on ...
Aug 14, 2000
I like this show, too -- DD and I watch religiously every Sat.

There's an Trading Spaces message board (similar to this one) on Delphi Forums. Paige and Gen have posted there a few times, as have many "alumni" who have appeared on the show. From reading this board, it is my understanding that participants have absolutely no say in the design -- usually the concepts are worked out weeks in advance -- before anyone from the show even sees the home. Nor do they get to choose which designer to use.


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Sep 15, 1999
Love this show. I love Gen and Frank and Vern. I love Hildi's style, but do not know if I could work with her. Laurie is too countryish for me, and Doug is a jerk. But, I do love most of his designs! The fireplace episode - I agree, that fp was ugly, doug did what he needed to do to make it look better. You go into the show knowing that things are going to change - deal with it!!


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Sep 19, 2001
Count me in! I love Trading Spaces! Did you all see that TLC is going to have a show called, "While You Were Out" where they have someone come in and redo a room in your house while your SO is out? They ask you questions about how well you know your SO and if you get them right, you can "earn" extra decorating pieces for the room. It looks really neat, I think it premieres this Saturday, I'll be watching it!

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