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Aug 25, 2000
We are going to Disney in the fall and the kids are in love with the Toy Story movies -- does anyone know where we might find the characters -- especially Buzz. It doesn't seem like there is a Character Meal with the Toy Story gang (though that would be wonderful. I wasn't sure if there were any particular places in the parks to look for them. Any suggestions would be much appreciated...
The Toy Story Characters can be found at MGM. There is a Toy Barn and they are there at other locations.


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Toy story characters can usually be found at MGM. We saw them at the character meeting place near voyage of the littlemermaid. I've also heard they soemtimes hang out at pizza palnet.

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We saw Buzz and Woody outside Pizza Planet at MGM. They signed my kids hats. We also saw Combat Carl. He was sooooo neat looking. Kids were more amazed by him. Even though they are huge Woody and Buzz fans.
We got pictures with Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the Army Guy at Al's Toy Barn in Dec. :)
There is a queue called Al's Toy Barn next to the Hunchback show. Occasssionally we have seen Jessie & Bullseye in front of MGM at the entrance before you're actually in the park. Jessie Signs, Bullseye doesn't.

Thank you all for the information. The kids are so looking forwared to meeting Woody and Buzz -- we just can't wait!!!
ops i am sorry for posting this.. this message started in 2001ish sorry i did not mean to bring it back sorry if ur mad. Please don't hurt meh.
We have also seen Woody and Jessie across the way, not far down from Country Bear at MK. And I believe Buzz (haven't seen him personally though) over in Tomorrowland. has a list of where to see all the characters throughout the parks. Here's the link to MGM Studios: Characters at a Glance @ MGM. You can see where to see characters at the other parks by going to that parks page and then clicking on Character under "At a glance" on the far left side of the screen. hth!


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