1. howlongtillsummer?

    howlongtillsummer? DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2009
    I am sure this has been done before but I just love reading these.

    What are your top 5 things about DLP? (Anything you wish to include from ride to food!!!)

    Let me try -

    1. Everything is just so beautifully done.
    2. The hotels are delightful and so handy.
    3. Buffet breakfasts included - yum!
    4. Strolling home by the lake. (Usually eating something!!)
    5. Thunder mountain railroad.

    That was tricky!!
  2. hollymattbenmilo

    hollymattbenmilo DIS Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
    oh lovely!

    1- The music as you walk in, that feeling of childhood flooding back
    2- The imagination...in the buildings and in the whole environment
    3- The charecters walking around, and the excitement when they appear!
    4- The Parades
    5- Peter pan and Buzz tied
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  4. howlongtillsummer?

    howlongtillsummer? DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2009
    The worst thing about these is you always read someone else's and think "I should have thought of that!"

    So can I pinch your music comment and push everything else back one place????

  5. hollymattbenmilo

    hollymattbenmilo DIS Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
    hahahaha... yes you can share!
  6. Dollyrar

    Dollyrar DIS Veteran

    Feb 15, 2008
    1. Having a big dirty Annettes burger as the first thing we do whenever we get there! That little extra wait looking over at the parks whilst chowing down is so exciting! We can never believe that we're actually there again, after all the excitement of planning another trip. :banana:
    2. That first walk down main street. My missus and I always say the same thing - "Do you reckon if you were a Billionaire that Disney would let you buy a flat in Main Street, so you could live there when you want?" We always wonder if anyone has ever made the offer, and always come to the same conclusion that they would never let you! :)
    3. EVERY TIME we go on TOT (Our favourite ride ever!), my missus and I always have the same joking argument. While you are waiting to enter the lift (when the attendant has stood you in your row numbers on the floor), there is a looping pre-recorded voiceover that starts "Valued guests...". I swear that it is a man saying it (with a high voice), and my missus always argues that it's a womans voice, and is the same voice as the grand councilwoman from Lilo & Stitch. It drives me mad!!! It's so obviously a man's voice in my opinion!! :laughing::rotfl2:
    4. Billy Bob's - Love going and watching the bands here at night :hippie:
    5. Disney's Chocolate sausage rolls for Brekkie! (Pain au Chocolat). Can't beat them! Good memories of stuffing ourselves full of them for breakfast at ridiculous-o-clock in the morning during the winter with 4+ cups of coffee to get some warmth in ya, before heading out for EMH :goodvibes
  7. Kazzabelle

    Kazzabelle <font color=deeppink>I have not even been on my Ju

    Mar 30, 2009
    Hi, Its so hard to pick but i will give it a go

    1. Walking down main street for the first time on my trip seeing the castle in the distance (always brings a tear to my eye)

    2. ToT and Crush ride

    3. Dancing and hearing all the music around the parks (like a kid lol)

    4. Meeting all the characters and seeing my daughters face (especially goofy her favorite)

    5. All the lovely food, ice creams, annettes burgers, pop corn, hot dogs (mmm can't wait to go and eat til i can't eat no more lol)

    The worst thing of course is coming home

    Cheyenne July 2006
    Cheyenne June 2007
    Cheyenne Sept 2008
    Cheyenne March 2010
  8. Bolanette87

    Bolanette87 <font color=deeppink>The Queen Bee<br><font color=

    Mar 2, 2008
    My top 5 things about DLRP are:

    1. The Magical Feeling you have from the moment you arrive- In my opinion, nothing beats that. On my first trip with my DF, I can remember stepping off the coach in pitch black darkness, really late at night having been up since 4am, and still being flooded with that amazing feeling. Despite being shattered, I just wanted to look out of our hotel window all night down to the beautifully lit up Disney Village and Disney Castle just peeping over the horizon..... :goodvibes

    2. Restaurants/General Foodie Goodness! - Well, I'm a foodie!! :p I love the restaurants in DLRP, they're one of my main reasons for return visits!! I have never experienced such an amazing range of food- From fabby 50's burgers and shakes in Annettes, to gorgeous, delicious and gastronomic delights at the California Grill. I love it allllllllll!! Despite eating at all these great restaurants, I still manage to come out with full carrier bags from the Boardwalk Candy Palace..... :rolleyes1

    3. Rides- I love the rides at DLRP. Granted, we don't go on them all, but we usually manage to cram in looooooooooooooooooooooads of the ones we do go on. I usually have to be dragged away from BTM as if it was left to me I'd probably just be running round the queue for that all day! :lmao:

    4. Theming- The effort Disney puts into its theming is absolutely phenomenal! For my DF, this is his number one thing. We love walking round and spotting all the little details. One little piece of theming DF never shuts up about is the birdsong that plays near the lifts in the Sequoia Lodge.... It's a great little touch! All the little things make trips completely magical!

    5. Meeting Characters in Cafe Mickey- When I first went to DLRP at age 10, Mickey Mouse wasn't allowed to wander the park incase he got mugged! :eek: So when I returned last April, I was desperate to see him! We ate in Cafe Mickey one lunchtime, and I was so proud to get my picture taken with the main Mouse! I texted my Mum just to brag that after an 11 year wait, I'd finally got to meet Mickey Mouse! :lovestruc

    Bob xoxoxox

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