Tomorrow is 180 days.. I am second guessing..Please help!

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    [SIZE="2"]So, this is NOT my first Disney Rodeo.. :rotfl2: This will actually be my 12th time.. However, 9 times previous I just " went with it".. The past 2 times I have been on DDXP for either all or most of my trip. I love making all those ADR's but, honestly, it is way too much food.. And this time we aren't planning on going to all the parks every day..
    We are staying at the BC to be able to enjoy Storm Along Bay, but because it is the week after Easter, I know we have to plan a lot of our meals.. This time we are just going DDP.. And we know tht we are going to pay OOP for 1 or more meals..
    I also researched where the EMH are.. (we only do the ones at night as we are not early birds)
    [/SIZE]April 15th.. EMH MK, OHana.. Should I do 7:30pm or 8:00pm or will that matter if it's EMH cause then Wishes would be much later?
    April 16th (figured we would be tired from traveling the night before so I am going to make a reservation at Big River Brewing (BW area) or just do walk up to ESPN (paying OOP for this meal)
    April 17th La Hacienda Epcot (we are going to have park hoppers so even if we don't go to Epcot that day, I figured since our home resort is BC, its just a hop skip and a jumP)
    April 18th Flying Fish I am really looking forward to this.. I had this last time but had it booked after we have moved from the BWI to the POLY and once we got there we realized we really didn't want to go all the way back there so we cancelled. and yes I know this is 2 table services.
    April 19th. Citrico's. Last time we did Narccosse's and absolutely loved it. I have heard Citrico's is even better.. so I figured we would give it a shot..
    April 20th. Via Napoli. I had a ressie for this last time, but it was for 7:00pm after my 2:30pm late Mother's Day lunch.. I was still walking around with a full stomach so I am looking forward to at least trying this, although I have heard its just OK..
    April 21st.. Chef Mickey's.. this is a family staple for us.. I have gone every single time I have been to Disney.. Obviously, NOT for the food.. But, we all LOVE it..Just not sure if I want try dinner here.. we usually do breakfast.. hmmm
    April 22nd.. NO ressies.. last day, just winging it..
    So.. all ressies I am planning on 7:00pm or later.. That way if we are at the pool all day we can really soak up the sun and leisurely go back to our room and even take an afternoon nap before its time for us to to dinner..
    Please tell me what you all think? Am I missing anything? Should I change anything? ADD, DELETE? Your opinions are so important to me!
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