To drive or not to drive! DTD stay Q?


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Sep 6, 2001
I am driving to WDW on 8/22 (Thurs.) with my DD4. We are planning on spending the day at MK and staying overnight at the Courtyard Mariott in DTD. Friday we will go to MGM and then over to Epcot for the Icecream Social. So, the question is do we use the hotel shuttle (at 8am) or do we drive ourselves? I am weighing out $12 in parking fees plus the trolley thing at MK vs. long waits/rides on busses between the hotel and the parks as well as between MGM and Epcot. What do you think??

Mark P.

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Aug 19, 1999
I'd say leave your car at the hotel, and just walk on over to DTD, and use Disney Transportation. We arrived at WDW early one trip, and stayed at the Grovesnor, and it was only a 5-10 min. walk to DTD. The intersection can be hectic, but there is a timer sign for the crosswalk to help.

You've got a good point, about cutting time between parks, but I'd still opt for using the Disney Trans.

Have a great trip!:D


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Apr 26, 2000
I read here, somewhere, that they no longer have direct busses from DTD to the parks. I would double check on that before making plans to take the bus from there.

I've stayed at DTD and used a car. It's very simple & you have total control over your plans. It's very easy at MGM & Epcot. Maybe for MK you could take the bus. But if the busses go to the TTC, it's almost the same as driving.


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Jul 27, 2000
I ahve stayed at two of the DTD resorts and used their bus transportant to the parks and it worked out great. Leave the car at the hotel and let them worry about the driving.
have a great time.


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