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Oct 18, 1999
Hi all,

As it turns out, I'm going to be spending a day at the parks by myself. I'm capable of having a great time at the parks alone, but the friend I was going with just canceled, so I'm a little bummed. So, I was wondering if anybody had any special suggestions or tips to make the day better while flying solo?

While I love Universal, sometimes it bothers be that I know it so well there is nothing new for me to discover. When I'm with other people, our interaction at the park makes me enjoy it more, but many times, when I go by myself, I end up breezing through, and regretting it later. Is there any type of mindset or point of view adopted by other frequent visitors to heighten the enjoyment of such a familur place?

Would Mytho's be a good place to eat alone (I've never been)? Are there resterants at USF worth checking out to experience something new? CityWalk? Are there stores or hidden away places at the parks or CityWalk that contain something new I could discover? Would there be anything cool to see or discover on the hotel resort grounds?

I hope you guys know what I'm talking about here. I guess I want to slow down, take a breather, and look at the place under a new light, I'm just looking for a jumping off point.

Is there any type of mindset or point of view adopted by other frequent visitors to heighten the enjoyment of such a familur place?

Kevin, I hope someone soon answers your question because I feel the same as you, looking for a new angle.
I always go by myself, use single rider and express to your advantage. If you go to a ride with a long line tell the Attendant you are a single rider and one rides that's not avalible they *Sometimes* let you in the express line. They have done it to me on several counts.

Since I go by myself, I can do both parks in one day.

In fact I will be going tomorrow, then the 5th, then someone wants to meet me at Universal the 6th so these next few days will be fun.

I really don't know what you could do to take it all in, I like to stroll around the park and just take pictures sometimes. Other times I go to ride something. I don't think there is anything new for me to see or do at the parks anymore, I have a well documented photo album of every aspect of the parks.

I guess if you haven't done CityWalk you might want to look around there. I don't know how to help you out. I guess stroll the parks ride what you want, check stuff out you haven't seen before. Last time I went was the 1st time I ever stepped into Mythos. I took a few pictures of the inside but had to delete them to make room for the Macy's Parade.

So when I go tomorrow I will take the pictures again.
Doc I can see what your getting at. I must tell you that before this trip (3rd since July) I was feeling a little of what your talking about. All three trips were at PBH. We slowed down and enjoyed everything so much more this trip. If your incline to take the to strolling path to PBH. OH it's lovely, the roses were all in bloom and the scent of the flowers were so refreshing, the ducks were sitting all along the harbors edge and we sat down to watch them play for bit. As you come to the piazza straight ahead is a gelato bar where homemade ice (cream) gelato is served with toppings and cones to pick from with pastry's and coffee's all together. Cost you maybe 5 bucks if you get a large serving with a coke. Not to shabby. Or maybe you make it over at lunch and want something lite. Try Sal's pizza also on the piazza. If food is'nt your thing take the elevator to the 3rd floor lobby. To the left down an "alley" looking hallwall go down and turn left and you will see the most massive chandiler of crystal it's just amazing to me the decorations in and around that area. Check out the pools stroll the grounds. On your way back to the boat stop at the thirsty fish bar. As for Mythos man you don't know what your missing. Go in and ask for seating (weather premitting.LOL) outside on the terrace. It's killer for a view of the Hulk! The service is so great there. We have eaten there 6 times and service has never been anything but flawless. These people know what there doing. My favorites are the twin bisque soups and the pizza of the day. So Yummy!
I know what you mean about looking for something new at the park. I've been to many of the Florida parks so many times that its really not exciting anymore. I always know what's going to happen when I go into one of the attractions. Sometimes I wish I had never been to Universal before so I could have the excitement that I had when I first went. I mean I still think its a really cool park and really recommend it to everyone that I know who hasn't been but for me its getting a little ho-hum, yawn....I really wish they'd add some new attractions so us frequent visitors would have something new to look forward to.


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