Timing of CG ADR and Wishes

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by carps09, Jul 10, 2009.

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    Jun 17, 2009
    I have an 8pm ADR at CG on a night where Wishes is at 9pm. I've read in a few reviews that sometimes there is a wait with ADRs as they can get behind. Do you think the 8pm ADR will work? I was thinking about changing it to a 7:30 ADR - do you think we'd then be done before Wishes started? It's just 2 adults eating.
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    Do you want to watch from the restaurant or from the observation deck? We had a 7:15 party of 6. We finished at around 8:45 after dessert(yummy!!) and chose to watch outside. HTH
    By the way if they still have the lobster risotto as an appetizer you HAVE TO GET IT! It is the best thing I have tasted EVER. (it wasn't cheap at $18 but I would have ordered 2 if I was alone! it was that good)
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    I have another ressie question about CG.

    I've always gone at 5:30 and never worried about timing Wishes with dinner, but this time all I can get is 9:25 with Wishes at 10:00.

    I'm thinking no one will be getting up and my DH and I won't get seated until after 10. Do people really leave their table at 9:30 when Wishes is only 1/2 hour away???

    Anyone have any experience with this one?:confused:

    OP: I think the 8:00 sounds OK with Wishes at 9:00 but I'd go for 7:30 if you can. You can easily spend 1 and a half hours for dinner or more here.;)

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