Time periods or other Settings you would like to see Disney or Pixar to try in a future movie?


Earning My Ears
Oct 14, 2018
Mid 1960s
Yes I know The Incredibles technically is, but I mean full on classic 60s iconography of Hippies, shag rugs,chevy van, and Green, gold, orange and yellow color palette. I think it would be fun and I think the animators would love doing it. I can even picture them diving into phyicdelic animation if possible. Don't know what Movie could fit this. Maybe the Prince and the popper?


Jan 16, 2018
How about delving more into classical mythology? Right now Hercules (inappropriately named by the way since the Greek name was Heracles. Romans used Hercules), Playful Pan, King Neptune (both Silly Symphonies) and a segment from Fantasia are all I can recall from them going into this area.


Marvel Hero in Training
Aug 11, 2019
Medieval but only medieval fantasy. I am a Dungeons and Dragon's child and wanna see Pixar run with it.


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