Ticket prices


Jul 26, 2001
I am trying to decide the best deal concerning buying park passes.

I will be purchasing two adult and two children 4 day park hoppers.

I have a dc card. I have not been able to find the actual discount I would receive with dc, only an "up to $10". Of course that doesn't give me a definite price. I have looked at ticketmania and would be able to get the adult for 195 and the child for 154. I have not been able to find the price if I would join connections(for the $1 trial period only) and purchase through there.

Can anyone help me with the prices with my dc card discount or connections? Or maybe there is a different place I can go for a better deal. Thanks for your help.
ok these prices are for 5dayPHP so they would be higher prices but you can compare the differences,

Park cost: $261.84
Ticketmania: $251.00
Florida/Orlando: $245.00
Disney Club: $249.12
Connections: $235.71

You have to evaluate the cost of Connections and the DC membership, also not all places sell all tickets We had to go to the DS to get 6 day PHP but ordered 5 day PHP thru' Florida/Orlando,
After doing all this legwork to save money our trip had to be rescheduled and I am now stuck with my DN's ticket so all my savings is gone!


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