Rumor, possibly big, most likely false


Disney/Universal Fan and MALE
Aug 8, 2000
This is what it says:

"I was told by several employees that Universal has already started
groundwork on a third park. It would be across the street from where the current
royal pacific hotel construction is right now. The two sites are seperated by the
entrance ramp to I-4 over there."

Now, I know they do have enough land to build a third park there, but why would they already break ground without announcing it? Or even have any hint of what kind of park it might be?

Employees, any comments? ;
No, it's not a third park. Actually, I personally purchased the property for $1 from the tax office and am clearing it to put in a brand new double wide. And that's a fact!

Actually that site is the old construction parking loet that was used for IOA and is now being used for the hotel construction parking and offices.
Second That.

Absolutely no "third park" construction going on at all.

Hey Earl - don't you techs have enough double-wides as it is already?
Am in process of buying a lot at Royal Atlantic Hotel Trailer Park on-site and have been assured of FOTL access indefinitely, did I get a get a good deal for my $? Paid 75K for whole she-bang.
Was informed may only have one yard sale a month though, may back out of deal because of this!


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