Three Things...Gratitude Thread


May 4, 2022
Today's Topic (Tues. 2/1) - 3 Guilty Pleasures You're Grateful For

Vampire Mickey Sourdough loaves from Boudin Bakery in Disneyland. I bring way too many of those back on my rare Halloween visits. Tear off an ear, slice it vertically, top with Brie, pop in the oven until melty and I am in heaven.

Reality competition shows. Never gave these shows a second look until I met DH. I've now surpassed his interest by a large margin.

My one visit to Victoria and Albert's at the Grand Floridian. Most indulgent meal ever. Loved every minute of it; only wish I had someone with me-someone who would have enjoyed it as much as I did.

I've never watched reality shows too much (unless you call the Voice a reality show), but our middle DD knows two girls on the bachelor this season, so I've been watching it. I basically knew what it was about, but it is so weird to watch and I truthfully just don't get it lol! She went to college with both of them and was roommates with one, so I know one of them decently as well - it's just so strange lol!


1. While every day is a new day, I'm thankful for each day I am able to live another.

2. My fabulous, awesome, terrific, outstanding mailman. Did I say I love him? Ours is a walking route and he is always on time, friendly, never complains, no mistakes. Just Awesome. Easy on the eyes, too, but that's NOT why I like him. Lol he prob hates me because I wrote the postmaster and he read it in a staff meeting 😅

3. Cooking a hot breakfast for the family every single day. Although thry are on egg limits now ha ha.

I love the hot breakfast comment! I was never good about that as my kids were growing up, but every meal that we ate at home, we ate at the kitchen table. Looking back, I'm so glad that we did that - so many good conversations and memories!


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Sep 9, 2014
3 Things You're Grateful for That Repeat

I love so many of the answers already including all of yours, PollyannaMom, great Thursday question :)

1 First thought in my mind is "Repeat the Sounding Joy" from "Joy to the World."

2 Every Day is indeed a precious gift from God and opportunity to say thank You to Him in kind service and witness.

3 Rereading a favorite book is a comfortable and appreciative routine at times, too :)
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May 4, 2022
1. Making the bed with DH everyday - It's so much easier to make it together, probably takes about a minute, but when doing it by yourself, it's probably 5 minutes by the time you walk to each side of the bed multiple times

2. The seasonal changes. DH and I have talked about moving when we retire, but I think I would miss the anticipation of the seasons changing if we went somewhere with nice temps all year.

3. The monthly / yearly structure of my job. We have a monthly cycle that we go through each month and the year end is kind of what I consider my report card for the year. It's a lot of work, but in a weird way I really enjoy it!


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Aug 28, 2012
Playing Catch Up:

Tuesday 1/31 Vacation
1. Can I just say vacation itself? So happy to get away from the stresses of my everyday life
2. Not having to figure out dinner for my family
3. Exploring new (or loved) places

Wednesday 2/1 Guilty Pleasures
1. A good book - and just reading until it is complete
2. Reality TV - There are just days I need the mindlessness of it all
3. Ice Cream - Boy have I been abusing this one lately

Today 2/2 Things that Repeat
1. My calendar - It repeatedly reminds me of things that are scheduled each day/week/month
2. Church - I love the weekly reset it gives me and the peace it brings
3. My weekly WW meeting and the ladies who I see there - such a great support system


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Oct 2, 2020
I sent today's gratitude (things that repeat) to my DS. Her response:

Dad :laughing::laughing::laughing:🤣
OH THIS for sure! I love my dad dearly, but when we visit he (and my mom) have a cycle of things they tell us and then it repeats for however long we'll be there. I'm glad that they are here with us to repeat, but it has become a joke with my husband.

Topics: next door cat Buster, their elderly neighbor that asks them to do things like put on her compression stockings (don't even ask), the tree in the neighbor's behind them, the way people park in their cul-de-sac., etc.


Every little thing, gonna be alright
Oct 2, 2020
F - so we start Friday with F words :hyper2:

1. Ferris Wheels - first thing that popped in my head. We've been on the huge ones at Pigeon Forge and Myrtle Beach. Fun slow ride. We always pay for the VIP to go extra and nicer seats lol.

2. Funnel Cakes - a real crispy one from the fryer with powdered sugar. I must be hungry this morning.

3. Farmers - My dad grew up on a large corn farm in central Illinois. I love farmers and how they love the land, their country, their families. My grandfather would literally help anyone. My dad always says, "that's what neighbors do." I know there are bad apples, but this has been my overall experience.


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May 2, 2009
Friday!!! One of my Favorite Days of week


Furniture - I’ve not had any in the past so I’m grateful that I have some !! When your young and first start out you have crappy furniture so it’s nice when you get older and can afford some decent furniture!!!

Furnace - oh heck yes I love my furnace !!! Being cold all the time I’m grateful

Fireplace - see above !!

Films - love watching movies !!! So grateful we have them

Food - we are so blessed to have food whenever we want and whatever we want

F word - I’ll own it I’m grateful - I probably should be less grateful 🤣🤣🤣

Fabulous & Fantastic I love this word ❤️❤️

Fantasy - The Disney Ship ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so grateful - love the ship / crew - and all the fantastic fabulous fun I have on it - so grateful I get to do it !!


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Feb 28, 2004

#1 - I’m grateful for frames, as in picture frames. Framing people’s memories was my life for 25 years and sometimes I really miss it. I also really miss framing my own memories whenever I want - I got spoiled framing my stuff for free.

#2 - I’m grateful for our big chest freezer that we’ve had for 28 years. It’s nice to know that I always have certain things like chicken breasts, pork chops, frozen pizzas and etc. In fact, I need to go take a pork tenderloin out of it for dinner tonight.

#3 - I’m grateful for our furnace on this brutally cold morning. It feels like -9 outside. Then tomorrow it will be in the 40s. Gotta love winter in the Midwest 🙄

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