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    There's a local fro-yo place that sells Dole Whips. it's not the same as eating it in WDW, though.

    I don't think I'll ever have to worry about this problem.

    If you ain't first, you're last!
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    Nov 10, 2008
    Chapter 7: Checking The Boxes

    It’s a little over 2,500 ft. from the entrance of Dumbo to the entrance of Big Thunder Mountain. That's a little over 8 football fields. Just about half a mile. So, I put about 1.5 miles on my personal odometer walking that path three times as I went to retrieve my father’s bag. Thankfully, Disney security hadn’t noticed it lying there among all of the strollers parked against the fence, so I was able to grab the bag and head back. I’d used up most of my anger and frustration as walking fuel on the way and was ready to get on some rides when I returned.

    By the time I got back to Dumbo, my brother and his family had left us to go do…something. Maybe visit Ariel? In any case, we’d been on a grand total of one ride together so far. We’d meet up again for a FP at the Mine Train later.

    My parents went off to do…something…as well. I know, it’s these kinds of interesting details that keep readers like you coming back.

    So, we were once again on our own. The wait time for the Tomorrowland Speedway was posted at 20 minutes, which is probably my limit for that one, so we decided to give in to Drew’s pleas to “ride the race cars” and get it over with.

    There’s a hard dividing line for the age at which you enjoy the Speedway. If your age is in single digits, you love it. You’re driving a race car! Once you hit double digits, you suddenly realize that you’re only going 7 mph and constantly banging and scraping the center rail while breathing diesel fumes. With Disney always wanting to put on a good face as far as being environmentally friendly, I’m actually kind of stunned this ride still exists.

    I ended up riding shotgun while Scotty drove, and he actually did a pretty good job navigating the course while I dozed off. Julie and Drew were behind us, with Julie operating the gas pedal while Drew handled the wheel. He had a great time.


    In the end, though, he was a little disappointed that the course wasn’t longer (a view not shared by the rest of us). He also thought we would be racing each other and was disappointed he couldn’t catch up to Scotty ahead of him.

    My parents caught up with us again in order to take Drew over to Enchanted Tales with Belle while the rest of us used our second FP on Space Mountain.


    Honestly, I do have concerns about the safety of this ride. You’re traveling through the vacuum of outer space, and yet the rocket ships are all open-air vehicles! Dave and I made sure to hold our breath so we’d survive without oxygen.



    We all had a great time, except perhaps for Julie, who could be heard shrieking throughout. She decided afterwards that Big Thunder is about as far as she wants to go with coasters.

    We met up with my parents at the Puke Cups, and ate our PB&J sandwiches there for lunch. As it turned out, Drew was chosen to be Chip during the storytime with Belle, and had a great time acting out his part. It was a win-win all around.

    Julie, perhaps grateful for a ride where she could see where she was going, took one for the team and rode the Puke Cups with the rest of the family, while I stayed behind to, uh, document the proceedings.


    We had some time to kill before our Mine Train FP, so my parents went off to find my brother’s family while we took Drew over to the Little Mermaid ride. For some reason, the wait looked long (maybe 30 minutes). Meanwhile, there was no line to meet Ariel, so we decided to let Drew get another autograph. Again, the kids seemed to enjoy the meet-and-greet while I generally zoned out for several minutes.




    We walked over towards the Mine Train and still had time, so we got in line for The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, or as I like to call it, The Night Pooh Dropped Acid. Man, that’s a weird ride. I really have no idea what’s supposed to be happening in there, but it all passes by easily enough. For his part, Drew seemed to think it was “silly” and was happy enough to go along.

    It was finally time for our Mine Train FP, and we met all of the rest of my family out in front of the ride. Everyone would be riding this time except for my SIL, who had ridden earlier and was staying behind with the baby. With that settled, we got in line for a fun ol’-fashioned family roller coaster ride. This would be no problem, since Drew had already tried it out and really enjoyed it.

    Naturally, as soon as we got in line and scanned our FP’s, he started making noise about not wanting to ride the Mine Train.

    We argued with him the whole way through the FP line. You already rode this. You loved it! Your cousins want to ride with you! Etc., etc. Given Drew’s stubbornness, this only made him dig his heels in deeper. We didn’t get to a full-blown temper tantrum, but we were skirting the line. In any case, Julie and I are bigger than him, so we just forced him to move along. We’d given in on Big Thunder, but in this case, he’d already gone on the ride and liked it.

    By the time we were boarding, he was fussing while we demonstrated our loving compassion by forcing him into the seat so we could lower the lap bar.

    The train accelerated. We hit the first hill. And like a light switch, the tears stopped, and Drew said, “Oh, I like this ride.”

    Little punk.

    Hard to tell from this photo, but he had another good time.


    It was mid-afternoon now, and my parents volunteered to take Drew back to the resort for some pool time and a nap. Clearly, he needed some rest, so we readily agreed. My brother and SIL left to take their kids for naps as well (I think they rode maybe 4 rides during the day?), so now it was down to five of us. Scrolling through the app, I couldn’t find anything appealing right away, and most of the wait times were now listed at 40 minutes or more. We’d covered just about the entire park over two days, so the rest of us decided we were good for the day. We wandered out of the park and decided to take the boat ride over to the Wilderness Lodge.

    As we stood and waited on the dock, we noticed an issue with our camera. The zoom lens was no longer zooming. It was stuck in place. We could jiggle it a bit, but something in the mechanism had completely jammed. Julie and I both fiddled with it, trying to see if we could get it back to normal.

    I took this photo of the Red Roof Inn.


    And as it turned out, that was the last photo that camera would take. Eventually, inevitably, I pushed a little too hard, and heard something snap, and that was the end of our $600 camera lens.

    Needless to say, that put me in a foul mood. I couldn’t blame anyone but myself, either.

    Julie seemed less upset. As it turned out, she had been kind of hoping to ask for a new camera for Christmas. Make sure you act surprised next week, honey.

    From this point through the rest of the TR, all photos were taken with our phones.

    I have always loved the Wilderness Lodge. I’m a sucker for the rustic, natural look. Tie that in with a National Park-lodge inspiration and you’ve hooked me completely. So I’m usually up for any excuse to wander the building.

    I was a little disappointed to see that the trees have now obscured this view, though. I know, it’s more natural to let them grow, but I admit I did like the view better when I could see the building.


    Over the years, we’ve taken several photos of the big kids by the Mickey totem pole next to the gift shop. Are you ready to feel old? No? Well, too bad. I feel ancient.



    Man, I really wouldn’t mind staying here again.


    After farting around in the gift shop a bit, we took a bus to the Shopping Center Formerly Known As Downtown Disney. I have a hard time calling it Disney Springs, but I do like the new look a lot better, even if it’s still populated mostly by stores I have no intention of spending a dime in.

    Sarah wanted to check out the art store, so we wandered in there for a while. We usually like the giant World of Disney store, but it was in the middle of a re-model and only a small portion of it was open at the time, so that felt like a bust. If only there were other stores in the parks that sold the same kind of merchandise you can find there. Sigh.

    It felt weird to be using a “park day” to wander a resort and shops, like I was going against all of my fiercely-held principles about squeezing value out of my park tickets. I think this was an effect of the FP+ system. We’d done the rides we really wanted to do and couldn’t get any FP’s to ride them again. We had no desire to wait more than an hour in line for them. And we had no desire to wait more than 30 minutes in line for the secondary rides. So that in turn made us shrug and say, “Oh, well, I guess there’s nothing left to do.”

    In hindsight, I was a little too trusting of the posted wait times. I would learn through the week that sometimes they were wildly different from the actual waits, and it seemed as though they were being manipulated to spread people throughout the park. So, I guess even a seasoned Disney veteran can learn a thing or two at times.

    We had a big 13-person dinner reservation that evening at Chef Mickey’s, so we rode a bus to the Contemporary Resort and met up with everyone there. This meal was one my parents had asked for in order to do a special character meal with all of the kids. And they blew us away by paying for all of us. If you’ve ever eaten there (or, really, anywhere in Disney) you know that ain’t cheap!


    I have a lot of photos of the kids with the various characters there, but I didn’t ask permission from my brother to post photos of his kids so I will refrain from doing so. But I can say that having dinner there was worth it for the kids. They really loved having all of the characters come up to the tables. All of the interactions were good—each kid got at least a little bit of individual attention. Drew’s cousin was especially excited to see Donald Duck, and loudly demanded that my father go to meet him as well. This is most likely because my father, as mild-mannered as he is, does a spot-on Donald Duck impersonation.

    The food itself was fine. I know Chef Mickey’s gets a bad rap, and yes, it’s overpriced for what you get, but pointing that out at Disney is like pointing out that the ocean is full of water. I liked the meal and watching my kids with the characters. It’s not the best I’ve had at Disney and I probably wouldn’t go without kids. But it wasn’t bad. I even ate some vegetables.


    And some sugar.


    Holy cow, that was a lot of sugar. I can feel it…


    Rushing straight to…


    MY BRAIN!!!!!


    Don’t worry, he crashed by the time we got back to Coronado Springs for the night.

    All in all, I’d say that Monday was our most frustrating day in the parks. Between the waiting around for family, breaking my camera lens, and the sense that we’d covered the MK just halfway through the day. Thankfully, we still had the rest of the week to get back in our Disney groove.

    Coming Up Next: Our first look at Toy Story Land.
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    It's like you're not even vacationing together.

    How was the glimpse into him driving a real car in a few years?


    So adorable. You probably still think of them this age often.

    Lies....there is a picture that contains green proof it is yours and certainly no proof you ate it.


    Sorry it was a frustrating day. Sometimes those happen and hopefully the rest of your time there was better.
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    Lucky it wasn't found before you got there. Or...



    Er… Uh... Don't mind me.


    This is a rivet:

    My limit is zero minutes. No... wait... That makes it sound like I'd ride it if there was no wait.
    Changing my answer to negative one hour.

    That's pretty spot on.

    You're not the first one to mention this.

    Let's replace all those gas chugging, fume emitting cars with Teslas… and have them all set at ludicrous speed.

    ::yes:: Hence proving your theory right.

    :laughing: The future should be interesting with that one.

    Oh no worries. The speed of the capsule forces the air to remain within the aerodynamic confines of the vehicle.


    Yep. I'm with Julie. That ride is just too rough now. I'm going to pass on it now, I think.

    There it is!

    No way! That's great! But... no photos??

    Taking one for the team. Veteran dad move.


    Huh. I've never seen the line longer than... zero.

    And conversely, usually there's a fairly long line there. Huh.

    Well, hello there. Did she ask about me?


    Have you never seen the movie?

    Uh, oh...

    Yep. I've met him. I believe you.

    Awww... no stronger love than that of a parent for a child...


    :laughing: Well, that's good at least.



    Oh, no... But... (voice of recent experience here). You can get it fixed for a fraction of the cost of replacing the lens... As long as you don't...


    ...force it.



    ::yes:: Nicest resort on property? Possibly.

    Huh. Didn't know that. Thought maybe they'd trim those.

    Who are those big people?


    Yes... and yes.


    Interesting. You can make it work for you, but... I can see your point, too.

    Oh really? Interesting observation.

    Wow! Generous.

    Too bad I wasn't there. I don't need permission. But I can see that you might not want to tick off the family.

    Good! :)

    Ha! Did he do it?

    I'm sorry, what? Almost sounded like you said you ate some vegetable. :laughing: Of course you didn't say that!

    That's more like it.


    Nothing like Disney to wipe out kids.
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    I'm just here for the free booze.

    What, there's no free booze?

    What have I been drinking?

    I guess that's why the Winnie the Pooh ride made sense to me...

    You have it spot on. I have a picture of oldest DD when she was 8 absolutely in glee at getting to drive one of those cars.
    Once she was 11 or 12, she had little interest.

    I really thought they might take the Tron coaster as on opportunity to refresh and tie in the speedway and do some kind of futuristic Tron overlay...with electric vehicles. Imagine that, something futuristic in Futureworld. :rolleyes1

    It would make the ride a little better if there was a way they could get group/families actually racing along side each other. I guess the only way to do that now is split up in separate lines and hope you end up at the cars at the same time.

    :scared: :p

    DW refuses to ride since it's in the dark. I imagine she would be shrieking too.

    Zoned out? Dude...clam shells!

    I barely remember the original Winnie the Pooh movie. I think it's his dream/nightmare or something like that. It's a bit trippy. I imagine it took a while to clear the smoke during that Imagineers meeting.

    I've been there before. You know the outcome is going to be fine. It's so hard to convince them.

    Darn. I have a camera story from a previous trip. We were at mini-golf out on I4. DW had a small point & shoot camera in her pocket. We were on one of the cool water feature holes. She bent down to pick up her ball. The camera slides out into the water. It wasn't a waterproof camera. It was dead for a couple days. Interestingly, after drying out on the dashboard of our rental car, it came back to life. Luckily it was a fairly cheap camera, so I wasn't too worried about it.


    Sad but true..I have never set foot there. I really want to. One day.

    Ditto. I was pretty disappointed with it. Seems like years ago you could find some different stuff in there. Now it's just all the same. I don't know why they do that. Having something different would attract people there, at least I would think so.

    I understand what you're saying, and if rides is your main focus, I can see that being an issue. Although we took 2 to 4 hour breaks in the afternoons of our August trip, our park time worked fairly well for us. Of course we had a bunch of character meets, but we also used shows to eat up time between rides.

    I tried the Touring Plans app for the first time and found it helpful. Their posted wait times were nearly always lower than Disney. I generally found the actual wait was in between the two, but a bit closer to TP.

    Yippee! You can't turn that down.

    I thought I liked you. Your lack of unhealthy eating disturbs me.

    Oh, OK, you redeemed yourself. That plate is an atrocity. Well done.

    I've had mornings like my 20's...but not from sugar....
  7. QueenJen

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    Sep 2, 2012
    I've had mornings like this in my 40's....because I'm not in my 20's anymore.:rotfl2:
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    Mar 9, 2007
  9. Terra Nova guy

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    Nov 11, 2014
    Very good point. I just try to avoid going that far these days because I know I can't handle it!
  10. Steppesister

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    Dec 27, 2013
    Cold is all gone! Huzzah! My neck is a permanent gig now, unless I opt for surgery at some point.

    And you will for 42 more years.

    Dole Whip, Schmole Whip, the Peter Pan Float is where it's at now.

    I surmise so!

    Preach it, Bro.

    Don't get me wrong. I foresee much RD Hoopla and Ninja touring with my kids come September.

    Reminds me of the tire changing scene in A Christmas Story.

    That does surprise me. Glad you got it back. At all.

    My neck would scream pleas of "Get me off!"

    Heh, me too. Maybe they should put hybrid cars in there and raise the speed limit.

    Of course he did. He's still in the single digits. Kinda like the speed of the cars.

    Yeah I can see that. Disney sucking the joy out of every 5 year old boy since 1955.

    Except you are now frozen. Or imploded.

    :rotfl::rotfl2::lmao: This doesn't even look like you!

    "Don't worry, it's been hours since we've eaten, Kids!"

    Woot! What a great memory for him! Did they not take pix?


    Every person has his duties.

    OH! Is that what they call that now?

    That kid. :sad2:



    Sorry about that, Mark. :( You could probably send it into Canon (or Nikon- can't remember what you shoot with) and get it fixed. I've had to do that before. Then again, if you were looking for something else or different, I'm sure it wouldn't be worth the hassle.

    Oh, I see how it works. LOL!

    No shame in that! Some of my best photos from Disney are with the phone.

    I'd like to stay there once. Someday...

    Old tactic on clearing it out so you can shop without people getting in your way. Works for fireworks spots too.

    Well said!

    Absolutely. Every trip!!

    :scared1: Now THAT'S generosity! :woohoo:

    :scared1: < used in an entirely different way.

    I hope you did!
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    OK, playing mad catch up around here, and I blew through two updates that I missed while I was doing whatever that made me so busy for the past couple weeks, so no multi quoting just now.

    We started having similar discussions about leaving my Dad at the resort if he doesn't want to get up. He rarely rises before 9 or 9:30AM, and we want to be out of there even if we are coming from the coast which is three hours behind.

    Bummer about Drew and BTMRR, hopefully later in the week he comes to his senses.

    Funny about your Dad, just last week Fran and I were out at DL for a soft opening preview of the Tropical Hideaway (new QS with three flavors of Dole Whips). On our way out of the parks, we stopped in a couple shops on Main Street to look at stuff. She asked about a T-shirt and if it had any 3X, and (I think this is how it happened.) I set down my purse to take a look for her. Normally my purse would be on the floorboards of her scooter. A couple shops later, I realized that my legs were hurting from all the walking around and looked to her floorboards for my purse so that I could take a pain pill. Only to see that my purse wasn't there! :scared1: I went back tracing my steps and she went to City Hall. I had no luck. But as I got to the Tropical Hideaway, she called (luckily my phone was in my pocket) to tell me that a purse was just turned in at City Hall and they were retrieving it. It was mine. Phew!

    I'm glad no one noticed your Dad's bag there and you were able to retrieve it.

    Funny about everyone doing something. It was like you were taking separate vacations! I totally hear you on bailing on the park due to long waits. That's what we often do as well, I'm not waiting super long for anything, especially if we have the exact same ride in DL!

    So nice of your folks to pick up the tab for Chef Mickey's, all the Character meals are super expensive! I'm amazed you actually put vegetables on your plate, but not sure I believe that you ate them! I'm sure you ate all the sugar, as did Drew! :laughing:

    With respect to staying at the WL again....too bad you don't know someone who owns points there and currently has them up for rental. :rolleyes1 But then again who knows when you'll be going back anytime soon.
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    It was a very weird dynamic. That didn't really change during the rest of the week.

    I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines.

    It's kind of a weird feeling. It's a little hard to remember them at that age, but at the same time, it doesn't feel like enough time has passed for them to be as old as they are now.

    There's no proof that I ate the meat and potatoes, either. You can't have it both ways. :p

    Thankfully, this was the only real downer of the week.
  13. Captain_Oblivious

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    Nov 10, 2008
    Yeah, I don't want to think about what it would have taken to get the bag back!

    No problem, take your time.

    Yes. Yes, it is.

    Well said. Absolutely no reason to go on it if you don't have kids with you.

    That sounds so much more fun!

    I'm glad he enjoyed it, anyway.

    :sad2: He's the reason my hair is falling out.

    Huh. I never would have guessed! These Disney Imagineers think of everything.

    That stinks. I still really enjoy it, but I can see where it would be awful on a bad back.

    My parents took some, but my dad keeps forgetting to send them to me. I think there were a couple of PhotoPass pictures as well, but...there were some technical difficulties there.


    Yeah, I don't know what was going on there. But we just let the lines make the decision for us.

    She just asked if we were Canadian or not. Seemed relieved when we said no. :confused3

    Um....maybe? If I did, it was only once and a very long time ago. I've never been a big Winnie the Pooh fan. So I really had no idea what was supposed to be happening in the ride.


    Well, at least I'm stronger than him. For now.


    Agreed. It's either that or AKL. Just spectacular buildings.

    I assume that would go against the "natural woodland" theme. Not that it would really stop Disney, of course.

    I don't know how that happened so fast.

    I mean, we could have gotten a FP for the Little Mermaid if we'd wanted. But...why?

    I think the lesson was that if we really want to go on a ride, don't just trust the wait times on the app. It's worth taking a look to see where the line actually ends.

    Extremely! I was floored.

    Inter-family relationships are always delicate.

    Sadly, no. He's not one to perform for crowds.

    As weird as it sounds, I actually like broccoli.

    Had to counteract the vegetables.

    And adults!:faint:
  14. mickeystoontown

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    Oct 2, 2006
    I finally caught up again. I've travled with family and extended family before and some of the folks just didn't "get it". The need to be there early, arrive on time for fastpasses and dining reservations. I said if I ever traveled with a large group again, we wouldn't schedule everything together and would be more of a "let's meet up if we can and do something together later".
  15. Captain_Oblivious

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    Nov 10, 2008
    I can see the music...

    And thank goodness for that! Ugh.

    :rotfl2: I really thought they'd take advantage of the Tron work and do something different with that space, too. I guess they still could. But they haven't said anything.

    Yeah, and there's little to no chance of that.

    I have to admit, that did add to the entertainment value of it.

    But my wife is right there!

    It rivals the pink elephants scene from Dumbo.

    Especially when he's already ridden it! :sad2:

    D'oh! Pretty amazing that you were able to rescue it, though.

    My daughter had a friend at high school who managed to lose a phone out of her pocket just as she was flushing a toilet. Gone in less than 2 seconds. :scared1:

    It's such a spectacular building. If you haven't seen WL or AKL, they're both worth the trip.

    I think it's due to the bean counters being firmly in charge at Disney these days. Producing unique merch at different locations costs more than mass-producing a few t-shirts they can sell in multiple locations.

    There's a lot of wisdom in taking breaks. Especially in hot weather. And a show counts as a "break" opportunity, too. Especially if it's air-conditioned.

    I wish I had remembered to try their app at the time. Not that I wanted to run down my phone battery anymore, but it was a tool available that I forgot I had.


    Whew. i was worried for a second there.

    :rotfl2: Fermented sugar, then?

  16. QueenJen

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    Sep 2, 2012
    340've given enough drooling Homer awards for meat that I feel confident that was consumed...and there such a thing as a bad potato? :-)
  17. jtjohnson

    jtjohnson Earning My Ears

    Feb 12, 2012
    I recently discovered your trip reports and have read several. I following along on this now. .
  18. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    No worries there.
    Once again... I'm behind. Doesn't take much.


    And environmentally friendly!
    (Yeah... I don't care either. It just sounded like the right thing to say.)

    You think I came by my bald pate naturally????

    Yup. Not gonna risk my entire vacation on one ride... that I don't particularly love anyway. Much better coasters out there.

    If you get them, post.


    Ah. That explains it. Used to own a copy (VHS) back when Elle was little. The ride follows the movie pretty closely.



    I give that about another year.

    Very true. Just... AKL is so far from... everything.

    True and... true.

    Join the crowd.
    We all meet at the DISdads thread.

    Never seen that ride be anything but a walk on.


    Oh, yes. I am quite aware.

    Too bad.

    Dude? This flies in the face of everything I know about you.


    There it is.
  19. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious DIS Dad #257

    Nov 10, 2008
    Well, I'm glad the sickness is gone. I'm sorry about the neck pain. Yuck.

    There's that number again.

    Blasphemy! I'm staying with my tried and true first love.

    As it should be. Hope it's a great time.

    I just hope the kids didn't pick up those words from me!

    Me too!


    To ludicrous speed! Or at least 20 mph.

    Pretty much.

    In his defense, it is supposed to be a race.

    Yeah, but I lasted a good half-second longer than the others! So there.

    I should be thankful for that!

    There go those PB&J sandwiches.

    They did. My parents haven't sent the photos to me yet. :sad2:

    I always flush after doing my duty.



    I was kicking myself for it, because I knew I shouldn't have been messing with it after it got jammed.

    She seemed happy enough on Dec. 25!

    I think we still got some good ones!

    Totally worth it. But I remember that theme isn't as transporting for you as some of the others.

    It works everywhere! Pull my finger.:thumbsup2

    We were floored! And very thankful.

    I'm full of surprises.
  20. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious DIS Dad #257

    Nov 10, 2008
    Don't worry, I get it. We all have our busy seasons. I'm grateful that you took the time to check in!

    You snooze, you lose!

    We shall see...:rolleyes1

    Thank goodness. I can imagine the panic you felt!

    Yeah, that could have turned into a mess, and fast.

    Yeah, it really was weird how separated we all were. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing all the time, but they were the ones who asked us to go with them and show them the ropes!

    As crazy as it sounds, I actually like broccoli! It's one of the few vegetables I will eat.

    And yes, the character meals are crazy expensive. I couldn't believe my dad grabbed the check.

    Well, I'd love to take you up on that. But it will probably be about 4-5 years before we go back. Hopefully the Star Wars crowds will have died down by then.

    That's generally how I like to treat large group trips as well. Just plan to be in the same place and do a couple of the big rides together. But I was still shocked at how little we actually saw them during the week.

    Sadly, yes. Yes, there is. An undercooked one. :crazy2:

    :welcome: aboard! Thanks for following me over here from the DIS Dads thread. But why would you torture yourself reading all of those TR's! That's hours you'll never get back.
  21. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious DIS Dad #257

    Nov 10, 2008
    Well, you're not behind here. Hoping to start working on the next update soon.

    I just want a better ride there.

    With two teen daughters? I know better.

    Makes perfect sense. Much smoother coasters, too.

    I'm sure I'll get them any day now...

    Well, that's good to know. Helps explain the ride, too.

    It's really disheartening playing sports with the older boys now.

    True. Having animals outside the balcony, though...that was magic.

    Don't I know it.


    I'm full of surprises.

    And now balance has returned to The Force.

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