This is not a postcard..Mods $109..feb 19- Mar 31


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Aug 19, 1999
This is for anyone just ask CRO for code *** and you get a moderate for $109 goood February 19-March 31. Good Luck!

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After speaking to at least 3 reservationists, I finally found someone who knew about the $109 special for the moderates. He told me it was the "Disney Insider Special" and that it was for a minimum of 3 nights through March 31st. The first few people said I needed a postcard, but this person said it wasn't necessary. I think you should keep trying to call until you get someone more knowledgable.
Thank you Shelley. I just got the Port Orleans for $109 per night from 3/7-3/12. I didn't think I would get the chance to stay onsite but I'm now spending 3 nights at the Hard Rock and 5 nights at Port Orleans........the best of both worlds! 49 days and counting!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Thank you for the information Shelly, but I want to caution everyone about this discount. This discount did come out in a postcard to select people. However, it did not require a PIN to book the reservation. I am still not convinced that persons checking in expecting this rate will get it without the postcard. We had a similar situation with a "Disney Insider" special (everyone remember the Lanyard deal?) where some people were not able to obtain the rate at check-in without that postcard. I just think everyone should know the possibilities beforehand.

Good Luck!


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I just discovered these boards a few days ago and they are amazing. Thanks for the tip. I had the Movies booked for 105.00 on Feb 28 to Mar 5 (Moderates were 174.00). As soon as I saw your tip I rushed to the phone quoted the CRH and got the Port Orleans for 109.00. I am sooo pysched.

ps: anyone stayed there? whats a good room to ask for?

Thanks a million
To give credit where credit is due. I saw this posted on a couple of boards, and this is the only place I didn't see it posted.
Our laughing place has it posted and also Rita's


Thank You Shelly!!!!! Called CRO this morning and requested the code and said Disney Insider Special and got the rate! I said I got the information about the rate from a friend and asked if I needed the postcard. She said it doesn't say you need a postcard but if you have one you should hold on to it. So now I'm know the old saying...If it sounds too good to be true it, it usally is. Please tell me more about where you saw this rate posted so I can check it out. I checked the laughingplace site and couldn't locate it.(Those boards much more difficult to navigate than these!) I just don't want to be heart broken if they won't honor the rate when we get there and have to stay off site. Thanks.
Hi again everyone!

I wanted to advised you that I have spoken to 2 Cast Members at CRO and both have advised that this promotion is open to all and does not require a postcard. So I'm less cautious than I was earlier this morning! Thank you again Shelly!


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IF I KNEW HOW TO WRITE THANK YOU SO IT FILLED UP THE ENTIRE SCREEN I WOULD!!! But since I don't, I will just have to say please accept my most sincere and heartfelt thanks for responding to my concerns. I had a huge sigh of relief! Wow! I can't believe we are actually going to stay on site at one of the moderates no less. I never thought we would be able to afford it, but Dixie Landings here we come! THANKS AGAIN!
We just got Port Orleans for $109 per night. My wife explicitly stated that I found the code on the internet and asked if we qualified, was told yes. The agent said DXL was not available, but that the two resorts were going to 'merge' in March. What does that mean?

Bill From PA

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Just what she said, they will merge into one big resort. Get to use the pool etc.,

Just wanted to say thanks to these boards for the info on the special...when I saw it on the resorts discussion, I had my husband call right away to see if we could get it instead of staying at ASMo...I don't know how he did it, but he got the code where others on that discussion did not...I called that night to confirm and the agent said that we should bring our card, but if we didn't have it, it would be okay because we were "approved" I'm hoping it'll fly too!! Thanks for everyone's contribution to allowing us to stay at DxL -- my son's favorite resort!
Seems as if this IS a Post Card Code after all.
I remind you of this in the Guidelines for Posting which everyone agrees to when registering:
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>. DISCOUNT CODES: From time to time, Disney will send postcards via US Mail to select groups offering special deals. These codes are not intended for the general public, rather they are marketed to specific areas of the country. Under no circumstances can discount codes that are printed on these postcards be posted on our boards. Any such posts will be deleted immediately. We feel that if this is overly abused on the Internet, that Disney will eventually stop offering these discounts all together, in which case, everyone loses. [/quote]
Thank you for your understanding...

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I made DxL ressies, and when I told him I got the code off the internet and did I need a postcard, he said no and I asked several times. So, I am very confused, how do we find out for sure if we should be doing this, because I would not have called but it seemed earlier in this thread it was O.K. to use this code. Can someone please clarify this, it seems as if this code might have been printed on some other type of mailer and not just postcards.

'81CR, Poly

We did the same yesterday for PO, telling them we got *** off the internet and asking if we qualified. They took our ressie without a problem. Any suggestion that Disney cannot police this themselves or that we'll get 'burned' by not having a PIN # is ridiculous. Once they take your dates and give you the rates they're committed to that. The confirmation we get in the mail is a legal document.
Disney does this to get certain demographic/economic groups into WDW. They do this to the exclusion of other demographic/economic groups. A case can be made that this is discriminatory, thus illegal. They'll live with some savvy consumers getting in on this as the price of getting the crowd they want. I have to question who's interest is served by blocking info in this forum, the Disney consumer or Disney. Does WDW need the protection of the moderators? Is it 'abuse' of the internet to exchange money saving knowledge? See the note below that I copied from the Resorts forum thread on this topic if you're concerned about getting the rate at check-in time. Enjoy your stay.

Bill From PA

FYI, there's no way anybody could get burned. By Florida state consumer laws (which are standard in most states), no matter what the circumstance is, the rate somebody is quoted when you make reservations at a hotel as well as the price that shows up on your confirmation slip is the maximum price they can charge you per night. The only exception is if in writing they state you must present the postcard. In this case, the postcard nor the confirmation sheet does not state that, therefore they can not require that someone show it. If Disney were to reject someone because they did not have the postcard, they could be fined up to $200,000 due to the violation of the consumer law. So, if this should happen to anybody here, and you are asked for the postcard and do not have it, demand them to show you proof in writing that they wanted the postcard in possession when redeeming the rate. If they can't come up with the proof, then they have no ground to stand on.

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I made a mistake coming back to these boards. I forgot how political it is at DIS. This is why this rate code was posted everywhere but here. I'll stay away from here from now on, my mistake.

I'm sorry that you are finding this "political."
When each of us registers, we agree to post by certain guidelines. One of these guidelines is posted above and forbids the posting of codes that are sent to select groups.
I know that you did not get this code from a post card, but that is where the code originated and that is why it is being deleted from posts.
The Guidelines are written for the good of all. I hope that they benefit ALL of us MUCH more often than they seem to be a detriment.
I hope that you reconsider your decision to leave the DIS...

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