THis a tip I have Never Seen Here!!


Pixie Dust or Bust!!
Aug 25, 2000
The one item that I never leave the house with my Swiss Army Knife!! I even packed it to take to WDW!! It has scissors[good for cutting mole skin],Tweezers,toothpick,bottle opener,can opener[although I have never been able to make it,work,Dh can.]a corkscrew,a screw driver[Dh uses his at work to tighten wheel chair screws]and a small blade[good for cutting off price tags from your new purchases],and a big blade that we use to cut rolls open,spread mayo,cut cheese,and cut the sandwich in 1/2.

I have flown with it everytime I go anywhere,with no problem.

And while looking around the REI OUTLET website I found Swiss Army Knifes CHEAPER than I have ever seen them!!!!:p So, I have linked the page here!! So you won't have to cut mole skin with a plastic knife.
I use just the small version, I haven't found a reason to carry a screw driver set to Disney. LOL I use tools all the time at work and really don't want to when on vacation.

One of the packing lists I found on anoher site included Duct Tape. That i could have used on my last trip. my luggage ripped open on the way to DCL and again when I got it back at Home.
I have a little one on my keychain and I would never be without it! It has little scissors, toothpick, tweezers, knife and file and it is tiny. My husband just got a new one as a promo at work that also has the tiniest mag-lite attached that I have ever seen - I've already put it in the fanny pack to take!;) I figure the light might come in handy on a dark ride for DD5!
My husband is a pocket knife junkie! We use it all the time. It is amazing how many things those little things can do haha.

Jamie:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


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