Thinking of Cruising!! Some questions....


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Mar 23, 2000
.....for all the experts on these boards:

1. Has anyone done the 7 day Caribbean Cruise? If so, what did you think?

2. How are Disney's prices (as compared to other lines)?

3. Although we cannot post codes, have any of you gotten great deals for cruises?
I'm certainly not an expert, but I have been on a 7 day cruise...and loved it. The days at sea are so relaxing....and the activities they plan for those days are interesting (I did the Art of Entertaining Series).

As far as pricing, I think Disney is a bit pricey. However, nobody does it quite as nice, especially for kids. The programs are excellent, and it is truely a bit of magic when you turn a corner and Mickey is walking toward you! You can't help but smile at the characters!

We got fabulous prices shortly after the attack. And were also able to sail in January when they had the $99 fall special coupons. We plan to use them in October. I booked with AAA, and almost every day, rechecked our prices on the DCL website. To my surprise, they dropped $600 for a short time in November. I called my TA and she double checked and dropped our price! If you book early, you can save a nice amount. I know a lot of people on this board use Dreams Unlimited frequently and swear by them.:D
My husband and I went on the Disney 7-day Magic cruise last January and we had an awesome vacation, the best we'd ever had!! We had a category 6 verandah room and absolutely loved it. Wouldn't go again without one! The ship was beautiful, the service was fantastic, the food was wonderful, the ports were great fun to visit, the at-sea days were soooo relaxing, I just can't say enough good things about it, really! As for the expense, when we went to our local TA to price the cruise, we had her price Disney and Princess (same type of stateroom, same ports of call) and Disney was actually $400 per person cheaper, which really surprised us. So, since we are basically "kids at heart" and always have a great time at Disneyworld, we decided to book the Disney cruise and we were very glad we did!! Hubby is a "second guesser" and is always saying things like "we really shouldn't be doing this" or "we really can't afford this", etc. I never heard a single negative comment come out of his mouth the entire trip (we spent 4 nights at Disneyworld, at the Contemporary, before our cruise and then had another week in Florida with a rental car after). We both loved it so much that we are booked on the Magic again next January, Western itinerary this time instead of Eastern. :D But this time we booked through Dreams Unlimited, their price was a bit cheaper than even the DCL site, plus they gave us a $100 rebate, and they will check for a lower price every 45-days, whereas most travel agents won't do that. You have to keep checking, then call them to get the lower price. I've heard nothing but good things about Dreams!
We did the Disney cruise this past June. We have been on Dolphin, Norweign, Royal, and yes the Big Red Boat. Disney know how to do cruising. The islands are similar to most Eastern and starting in May Western sailings. The rooms are much bigger. We had a category 4 and loved it. The spilt bath is great for two people getting ready for dinner. The food was good to great. I especially liked their lunch buffets. If you have kids, the attention the kids get in the clubs, labs etc. is top notch. If you like Disney, you will love the shows and even some have no real Disney theme. Prices are a little higher, but I would get a quote form DU and see what you think. I think it's worth a little extra to gain the Disney experience. Also the Rainforest room is wonderful.


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