There is hope for procrastinators!


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Apr 29, 2001
I just got off the phone with Disney Dining....I was able to get every single dining ADR that my family wanted for our upcoming trip! :banana: :banana:

Not that I am a procrastinator or anything, but our WDW stay is scheduled for July 1 - 7. Not exactly a slow time in the World.

We are frequent visitors & my dd's are teens, so we weren't trying for super-tough ADR's, but we did choose all of our favorite places. I only had to adjust my originally planned day for one - the Garden View Team Room. I was able to snag that one for later in the week.

Yeah! I wasn't quite willing to try walk-ups, but two weeks prior is not bad. We will use the DDP. :hippie: :hippie:

Our ADR's are at the following places (all are dinner seatings unless otherwise noted):

Artist Point
Hollywood Brown Derby (lunch, gotta have our Cobb Salad!)
Kona Cafe
Chef's de France
Crystal Palace (character breakfast - my dd15 is still a kid at heart)
Garden View Tea Room (a very late lunch will serve as a dinner this day)
You did great! I enjoy the food at the places you've chosen, except, I don't know what/where the Garden View Team Room is.

I wasn't so lucky. We're going to WDW in September, 3 nights, not on the food plan, but I couldn't get a reservation at Le Cellier for any of the 3 days, not for lunch nor dinner. We're a party of 3. Well, I really got worried and tried for our December visit. That will be for 4 nights, and the first 3 nights they were booked until 8:40, but on the last night, I got us in at 7:10. Whew!

Have a great trip!

Glad to hear you got what you wanted. We had to reschedule our trip to September and I've got what we want as well. I thought we wouldn't due to 3 months out but so far so good. I'm sure I'll be changing some so I'm glad to hear even at 2 weeks out one can get good ADRs.
Rascalmom ... I just made some PSs yesterday for our trip 6/28 - 7/9 and had the same experience. I already had some of my key ones made a couple months ago (for LeCellier on July 4th), but I was surprised to find openings for all I asked for.

Bobbiwoz ... keep trying and calling. You never know when something can open up. In trips past, I've sometimes found less availability when I called farther out. Makes me wonder if they release or make available some seatings at staggered intervals, i.e. 6 month, 3 month, etc. When I was commenting to the WDWDINE CM about it being a shame one can't be spontaneous and walk up for reservations anymore, she suggested always trying to call them as you never know when cancellations will come in.

This whole restaurant thing certainly makes it a challenge to plan a trip with some flexibility built in!

Enjoy your upcoming vacations!

The Garden View Tea Room is at the Grand Floridian - they serve afternoon tea (with sandwich platters, pastries, etc.). Quite yummy & very relaxing. We went a couple of years ago, mainly for dd's & I, but surprisingly dh liked it too. They have a Gentlemen's Tea choice - a bit heartier.

I agree - keep calling back to check for cancellations. I don't always procrastinate this long, but there have been time when I was not initially able to get what I wanted, only to find it available later. Back when the girls were younger, I even snagged a "day of" Cindy's breakfast!

Have fun everyone!


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