The Ten Worst Ways To Start A Conversation With Your Parents


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Feb 21, 2000
10. The important thing is, no one was hurt.

9. Has the school called yet?

8. Do you still have full coverage on the car?

7. Now don't over react like the other parents did...

6. First of all, I was an innocent bystander...

5. Before you ask, No I wasn't drunk.

4. How quickly can you liquidate your retirement plan?

3. Do you think it's possible to get high from second-hand smoke?

2. You can't believe everything that the neighbors say.

And the #1 bad way to start a conversation with your parents?

1. I love you. I really, really love you.

And the 3 runners up
11. You know, you'd make great grandparents.

12. I know you don't usually like tattoos, but...

13. I'm glad you guys are so open minded because...
LOL! :p I'm trying to get ds to know that he can ask me anything at all. Recently he's been coming up to me saying...Mom, can I ask you a question? :teeth:
I know I'm in trouble when I hear... "Ya know, Mommy, you are sooooooo preeeeetty.... :rolleyes:
I've always encouraged my kids to come to me about anything. However now my DS is 13 and he has no problem telling me things I don't need to know! I don't want to make him uncomfortable or discourage him from talking to me, so I wait until he leaves the room before I shudder and cringe! :)
How about what my son used to say. "Mom, how much do you love me?" Now that used to fill me with dread. LOL
"Mom? Dad? Can you come downstairs? There's a police officer who wants to talk to you.............."

(true story - courtesy of one of my brother's high school friends who had a gift for speeding to make his curfew and then mouthing off at the police)
I'd like to add a few:

"Well, he doesnt have a job RIGHT NOW...but he's agreat guy!"

"I decided college just isnt for me."

"I'd like to use your rock band needs to practice."
My favorite was number 11. DD started out with "Mom, don't be mad at me but" . I had the unfortunate deed of telling her father. I didn't think a person could turn so red! It was suggested after that when giving news like that to give him an aspirin to help ward off a heart attack next time. Live and learn I guess :)
"I don't know WHY you won't let me ride with him. He hasn't had an accident in three weeks!"
Teenage son to father who refused to allow son to ride with friend. Friend had totaled three cars in the past six months! (Father offered to drive son instead).

Kids! :crazy: :crazy: :teeth: :teeth:


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