The SHAQ!! AT IOA.....


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Mar 1, 2000
We spent the day at IOA yesterday, and while in the que for Popeye's Bilge rafts, the next to folks come scattering about all over, holding up the ride. It was The Shaq, and his family, being led onto the raft ahead of the one I was to board :)

Word of mouth spread fast, causing a crowd of gawkers at the exit, all climbing over one another for a photo-op :rolleyes:

I have never been a celebrity hunter myself. To me they are people, just like everyone else and deserve their privacy, so I went about my business, wringing out our socks :p , retrieving the stroller.....sat down and had a cigarette, etc. Just as I stood up to go, The Shaq walked past right in front of me....I couldn't help myself, I picked up the camcorder out of the stroller and got the perfect shot ;)

He is one BIG Dude!! :cool:
Wow, too funny... I'd never know a celebrity if I fell over one...

Sounds neat to hear though.. that is true about wringing out socks, isn't it? That is one fun ride!

How are the crowds, I'm going next week....
Cindy, it was incredibly crowded yesterday!! I arrived at the Spiderman Express Pass Kiosk just one person away from them running out of passes :( However, the park Ambassador was standing right there, writing out passes to complete parties who were in the midst of obtaining them. While angry folks behind me crowded in, shouting at her, I just stood there to ask her a question, and she said since I was "polite" and waited my turn, she backdoored us right onto the cool is that?

We did get to ride most everything we wanted to, but it took a bit of crossing the park back and forth.
Wow, good to know.

Thanks for the update...
Hey cool, I have seen Shaq from about 15 feet away at Laker's games and he IS one big dude! :)
Wow!! I was just at IOA and US on the evening of the 7th and all day of the 8th! I wish I had been there to see him so that I could have done the



I'm joking but it really would have been cool to see him!

it pays to be polite.....can you put a still shot out of him from your camcorder...hope so...I would love to see him up close and personal.....hope you and the boys are having a good time....almost time to come back again ...isn't it..
wish I could of been there at the same time....but we still have a few more weeks..thanks
Nice to know he was there instead of at Chick Hearn's funeral like the rest of the Lakers...:(

Oh well, I hope he had fun at least.


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